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The Singapore airlines also known as the Silk Air Private Limited is a Singapore based airlines having their headquarters located in Singapore. It travels around 44 cities around the world, including the continents of Asia, China, Australia and many others. The current fleet is around 25 and all of them are Boeing Airplanes which offer a very good service at reasonable ticket rates. Silk Airhas been one of the biggest airlines operating in Singapore since 1976 and has flown more than 3 million people till year 2013. It offers tickets for two classes the Economy class and the business class. It offers a variety of snacks on board and also offers papers, and other entertainment material inside the plane. The rates of the air flight are quite economical and currently are offering huge discounts on every ticket. So one can avail the discount if they book tickets right now.

Silk Air

Today, many companies in the world are offering cheap airfares to everyone who wants to purchase the tickets, this is the most current trend which many companies are sticking with while improving their sales in the market. Online booking is also made so much easier and safer now. One can book online flight by using one of the many e-booking websites which are available online. It’s easy to use and is very much easier for anyone to do it.

Silk Air Seat Availability

A survey taken from Mumbai city from India talks in numbers that every year as many as 8 million tourists go to many destinations around the world and spend as much as 40 million dollars on air fare tickets. For airline companies this is a huge amount and so new offers and schemes are always coming in India.

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