The coming year is another opportunity to throw out the old and get something new. Whether it’s a new home, a piece of furniture or an article of clothing, upgrading the outdated and replacing it with something modern or state-of-the-art will fill you with giddiness and excitement.

If you plan to look for a condo for sale Manila or simply your home for 2018, you need to take note of these colors to make your kitchen the best.


When talking about dark colors, the strongest shade among the group which is black always gets the most attention. The tone conveys deep emotions and translates to actions that require high levels of confidence. To get an updated version of this versatile hue, you can choose a semi-gloss finish to make it look like patent leather. The shine will accentuate the items at home pop. You can also opt for a matte finish and pair it with glistening materials like white marble and neon plastic.

Chocolate Bark

You can get inspiration from a lot of things including food. A dark brown hue is not only present in wood materials. You can use the color to paint smooth countertops, cabinets, and drawers. Brown is not as dramatic as black and is effective in providing a contrasting color for off-white ceramics. It is also warmer and more earthy than black.

Creamy Teal

Cool tones provide tranquility and relaxation. Hence, you can paint the whole area in the same shade. A creamy teal is similar to the waters of the tropical seas. The sight of it will make you think of fresh breeze and calm nature of the ocean.

Deep Ocean

A paint resembling the deep ocean is excellent for bringing out aged or wood items in the kitchen. It brightens the area and complements white and red hues. It will remind you of boat houses, cruises, and boat sails while scrambling some eggs.

Eighties rose

You can always translate your fashion options into your home. An update from the usual salmon and pink rose, the eighties-inspired pink kitchen will delight your senses. It is playful and youthful. It fills the area with energy and will make you think of bubblegum, cherry candy and all things sweet.

Foggy Blue

You can play up the colors of your kitchen by dropping hints of black or gray and mix them with a bright shade. Combining charcoal and blue makes a mysterious and elegant tone that will remind you of rainfall. A large kitchen area can get away with the full-on color. If you have limited space to move around, you can paint the island and counters with it. You can finish off with a gleaming white top.


Light gray, specifically a shade close to charcoal, gives a sense of shadow while emphasizing the softness of the environment. It is a hue that combines the light and dark palettes while serving as a neutral canvas for lively colors. You can use gray to fill the room. The color becomes a canvas for unique or quirky pieces of dining tables, chairs, and artwork.

Soothing Green

As the color is in the middle of the spectrum, it evokes warmth and coolness at the same time. Having the color in the space brings a dash of nature in the area. Thus, painting spot in soothing green increases the brightness in the kitchen when the sun is up and transforms to blue as light leaves the area.

Ripe Oranges

Zesty and full of life, ripe oranges is a popular color for summer as its species thrive in sunny and fair weather areas. The pulpy and juicy fruit is known as a refreshing drink, so it’s hard to miss. The hue is most effective in small doses and in areas that require additional attention.

Paper Cloud

It may be as transparent as noon clouds or white paper. A paper cloud hue is an update from the usual white. It has a hint of gray that is useful fo0r drawing attention to architectural details. Even if the paint is on the light side of the color spectrum, it can still go with other light shades such as rough cream walls, mellow yellows, and muted peach.

Try not to limit yourself when looking for ways to improve the kitchen. The best cookeries are those that embrace out-of-the-box design ideas. It’s best to choose a color that expresses your individuality while maintaining the aesthetic of your home. You can opt for mystery and drama or a soft and dreamy vibe. The power to translate your style depends on the color you choose for the kitchen.