Top 10 Hill Stations in India

Summers getting too hot and the heat is unbearable and it is getting very difficult to deal the heat, no matter what you do, the heat seems to be getting on your nerves, it is making you irritating and annoying, so why not take a peaceful holiday amidst the hills and valleys, the cool green atmosphere and the chilling weather. There are many splendid hill stations in India, wherein you can have a fantastic time as well as beat the heat. And this summer vacation I bet you could use a cool holiday with your family and friends and relax you nerves a bit and rejuvenate yourself.

Hence, some of the cool, green hill stations of India are:

1. Shimla – The Unforgettable Hill Destination

Shimla Hill Station – A Paradise Destination

Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations of India with its snow covered landscapes and chilly weather. Shimla will make you forget the hot sweltering summers and will put you in bliss. All north India tour packages cover Shimla, as it is the best hill station in North India. Shimla has been attracting honeymooners for a long time! This dazzling hill station is a perfect place to visit to beat the high temperature. Shimla is nonviolent, relaxing and comprehensive with natural beauty.

Shimla as a hill station has gained a renowned standing as of its stunning landscapes. It was the summer center of India during majestic times. This city is known as the official capital of Himachal Pradesh nowadays. A choice of royally mansions has also been built here that exhibit architectural handiness of British kingdom. Summer is the best season to visit these queens of hill stations and surfing the exciting activity flourish.

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2. Dalhousie – Give your oppression a new meaning among nature

Charming Hill Station in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is the most calm, quite, scenic and serene hill stations of India located in Himachal Pradesh. It is perfect gateway for those who are overburdened with work and want a peaceful and a de-stressing holiday. It is also a perfect destination for couples who want to enjoy a quiet and undisturbed time with each other. Khajjiar is a stunning valley located in Dalhousie and it has been often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of India’ for its striking scenery.

For the scenery lovers or nature tourist, Dalhousie would be the top place to visit for their honeymoon. A place has got flourishing olive valleys and lofty mountains. The out of this world natural beauty, energizing air, warm sunrise will make the days full of paradise and buzz. The picturesque beauty of Dalhousie has welcoming and temperate ambience with majestic era buildings, low covered hotels and stalls. There are hanging around covered slopes crossing other ways and trails. For those travelers who want to put together their honeymoon further romantic and have physically powerful repression will definitely prefer Dalhousie as their destination.

3. Darjeeling – Spending unique moments of love surrounded by hills

Darjeeling Hill Station

Darjeeling hill station is well-known as the Queen of Hill Stations, is situated 2134 meters above the sea intensity in the state of West Bengal. Darjeeling is a Himalayan city now in the Indian state of West Bengal. Darjeeling the queen of all hill stations and also the ‘Dream-land of the East’, renowned for its natural beauty, clean fresh air because it was a admired hill station during the days of the Raj, a gorgeous Victorian town was built surrounded by the Himalayan foothills. It is also known as Queen of Hills, Darjeeling is one of the top hill stations of India honesty in the Shiwalik hills as well well-liked for its toy train and tea farms. Darjeeling hill station sightsee the hill remedy of Darjeeling is covered with numerous places of traveler attention.

Furthermore, Darjeeling is also one of the most attractive honeymoon destinations that its expected gorgeousness will give you the most unforgettable experience. India has a number of tremendous honeymoon spots to choose from Darjeeling is a charming spot unknown within the hills east of west Bengal. During the British raj, Darjeeling’s self-controlled climate led to its improvement as a hill station for British inhabitants looking for to break away from the summer heat of the plains. With Darjeeling travel tour explore the beauty of best tourist places for honeymoon Darjeeling is a hill station that is not only famed as a regular tourist spot but has develop into the most preferred honeymoon destination for the newly couples.

So if you are planning to go to a vacation, somewhere inspirational, likely and variety then Darjeeling is the place. One can book cheap flight tickets using online travel portals.

Places to see in Darjeeling:-

Tiger Hills:-

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling


Tiger hill is individual tourist attractions of Darjeeling for viewing Sunrise with various ensign of mount Kanchenjunga from this spot is a life. Tiger hill is about 12km from Darjeeling and is a ought to for tourists visiting the mountains. Tiger hill is the maximum hill in that area with an elevation of 8,500 ft. After visiting Tiger hills will be a life time experience. Thus, it is visible from Tiger hill as it has earned international recognition for the outstanding view.

Hotels in Darjeeling Near by Tiger Hills

Let’s here about hotels booking in Darjeeling which is nearest to visit Tiger hill and other places. Do you consider that you can inquire for an outlook room when booking through a travel site? The most annoying was that there was no balcony to the room; lack of fresh air prepared so view our selection of featured hotels in Darjeeling. The hotel is designed to afford awe-inspiring views of the city with lot of sympathetically as it can be seen in above image.

Place to visit Zoo in  Darjeeling:-

Places to visit Zoo in Darjeeling

In Darjeeling, Everybody to visit the places of Zoo which is also a part of tourist attraction. So, it is most recommending that visit at places to sightseeing when going to Darjeeling Zoo & has good experience from there. The zoo currently contains endanger animals like red pandas, leopards,  and more.

Red Panda in Zoo of Darjeeling

The pointed decline in Red Panda population in the past has been caused by large amount hunting, trapping and trading, and uproar. Some of the tourist attractions of the zoo consist of the maintenance programs where you can see exposed and dying out animals like the Tibetan Tiger & Red Panda. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park has decided to conduct the procreation of red pandas in the usual habitats to make the in danger of extinction species more adaptable in the wild before their release in forest. It imported a female red panda from Auckland and gave a red panda to the zoo in New Zealand. As we all know that Red pandas have a fairly long history in Indian zoos. In fact, the first known in prison born red panda was born in Darjeeling Zoo in 1908 to a wild-caught female. A female red panda from New Zealand will almost immediately connect the red pandas at the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park in Darjeeling.

4. Rishikesh – Appreciate individual moments in the middle of picturesque hills

Rishikesh Rafting Never Forget Forever

Rishikesh The Attractive Hill Station

It is also well-situated in Uttaranchal is a state in India with as many hill stations. It is limelight for hill station, Lake, Snowfalls, River Rafting and more. As we know that Rishikesh has been awarded by many foreigner peoples as it compliments to attract the most beautiful hill stations. When doing a tour Rishikesh, the valley is unquestionably one of the places to visit in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is the finest place for the rafting and meditation as we can see below in the image. Visited Rishikesh originally for adventure sports but then it was intensely attracted by the calm and serene surroundings around this place. The best craze is to go for a walk in evening on the “shanti path” or the nautical drive as the locals identify it, sit by the river somewhere, enjoy the view, catch a untamed elephant bathing across the river or maybe a dear or two, slow down, meditate, a perfect setup for one to unwind from a harassed out life.

Rishikesh is a small town in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India. You can visit this tourist places while staying in Rishikesh. The latest information of Rishikesh hill station famous for river rafting. Rishikesh is one of the largest part visited pilgrimage destinations in Uttarakhand state. Also find Rishikesh’s beautiful-romantic Hill Stations & picturesque places list along with complete information on hill places. Besides this, It is also known as a top honeymoon destination in north India for the newly couples. Thus, before planning for honeymoon trip, once you might think for the Rishikesh as it is counted in top 10 honeymoon destination around India.

5. Nainital – The peaceful area for a perfect honeymoon

Destination of Hill Station in Nainital


Nainital, is well-situated in Uttarakhand, is known by mountains and is well thought-out as the hills station as well as hot honeymoon destination. The couples can enjoy for both either hill station or honeymoon destination that depends on theme for which purpose they choose to visit Nainital hill station. The view of lakes and spend more than enough amount of time enjoying boating in the Naini Lake and admiring the picture perfect landscapes around to have exceptional moments to take back home.

Nainitalis given the name “Lake District of India” and has remarkable natural surroundings and the splendid weather to make the honeymoon trip or vacational trip of the newlyweds the most appreciated one. Thinking of Nainital visiting, we can say that we are starting a new life. Whether it is walking on the roads, shopping or going away for adventures like horse riding, canoeing, para-sailing or swing climbing, Naitital has got the whole thing to put together the romantic public holiday the most enjoyable one.

Nainital Lake

Lakes and marvelous sceneraries are the most important attractions of Nainital. Sun peeking from the superior mountains overlooking a calm river valley is quality to this place. A variety of considerable temples and monuments are present approximately this area. The rich wildlife and flower-patterned great quantity further glorifies this place as an overwhelming tourism treat. Bhimtal, Garhi, Ranikhet ans Khurptal are the must-visit places in Nainital. One more well-known destination for north India hill station tours is Nainital. Moreover, affordable bus fare makes certain that tourists enjoy a comfortable journey throughout the city. Online bus bookings offer a massive range of money saving offers to the passengers.

6. Mussoorie – stunning beauty of hills

Places to Visit in Mussoorie Hill Station

Mussoorie is a hill station and a community panel in the Dehradun district of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. Mussoorie is situated in the Garhwal hills. Due to its gigantic natural magnificence, Mussoorie hill station is well-known as the queen of hill stations. The hill choice of Mussoorie in Uttarakhand is an ideal vacationing mark. Thus, Mussoorie is one the most visited hill stations in India. Let’s search out information on the weather conditions and climate of Mussoorie. Mussoorie hill station is well connected by road at a distance of 270 km from Dehradun you can get pleasure from the Rishikesh tour that can be covered same day.

Mussoorie is the top hill station as well as famous for honeymoon tourist places for newly couples. Mussoorie is positioned at a height of about 2000 meters beyond sea level. This is one of the most regularly visited and a popular hill station in India.

Mussoorie is one of the largest part loving locations for honey mooners or newly couples to have great fun. Also it has top class of hill station as well as famous for visit honeymoon destination. Looking for a exacting destination for Mussoorie honeymoon you can hike with you’re dearly loved hand in hand all along the winding hill roads of Mussoorie and view some of the most peaceful green landscapes. If you are sporty couple you can enjoy exciting activity sports.

Mussoorie is or else identified as the ‘Queen of Hills’ is heaven on world! The perfect honeymoon destination, Mussoorie, placed at a height above sea level of 7000 ft offers picturesque views of the snow-capped mountains, green valleys and deodar ridges. It is the ideal honeymoon destination in India as complete beauty radiates from all measurement!

Places to see in Mussoorie:-

Gun Hill

Get pleasure from a Ropeway journey to the second maximum peak of Mussoorie. It can also be negotiated by bridles passageway which forks-off from Mall Road in close proximity to Kutchery and to get in touch with takes about twenty minutes. The Ropeway distance is merely 400 mtrs. And the absolute thrill of the ride is memorable.

Jharipani Fall

Jharipani fall is not too far from Mussooorie, It is just 8.5 kms from Mussoorie on Mussoorie – Jharipani highway. Guests can go by bus or by personal vehicle unto 7 kms to Jharipani from where the fall is 1.5 kms, on bottom.

Bhatta Fall

This fall is exactly 7 kms from Mussoorie on Mussoorie-Dehradun road. Entrance by self vehicle or bus upon Balta village from where the fall is 3kms by vehicle or bottom. An ultimate spot for swimming and picnics.

Kempty Fall

Kempty Fall in Massoorie

Kempty fall is the nearest fall from Mussoorie that is 15 kms from Mussoorie on the Yamunotri Road having an elevation of 4500 ft. It has the characteristic of being the biggest and prettiest waterfall situated in a beautiful valley and is enclosed by far above the Ground Mountains. Have a bath at the base of the falls is refresshing and enjoyabled for kids and adults in a similar way.

Benog Hill

Benog hill is situated from 9 kms to the west of Mussoorie and at an elevation of 2104 mtrs. Having visit Benog hill as well as you can visit Jwalaji Temple at the top of this hill station. It is to be found on the top of the Benog hill and has an statue of Mata Durga in it. The temple is delimited by broad forests and offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks, Doon valley and Yamuna valley.

7.Munnar – Building deep repression among hills

Hill Station in Munnar

Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in the whole of Kerala and is well known for its tea gardens. The picturesque beauty of Munnar is alluring. Munnar is well known for Chinnar wildlife sanctuary and Eravikulam national park. One can spot the famous mountain goat of the Nilgiri hill i.e. the Nilgithar at Eravikulam national park. Munnar is one of the best hill stations of India.

There is a reason why Kerala is known as God’s own country. This state is truly blessed by the best of nature along with a blend of culture and architectural brilliance. Talk about the white sandy beaches, the historic spots and the best of the ayurvedic therapies and architectural buildings, Kerala is a complete stunner and can provide you with a holiday time that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

Those couples who want to get pleasure from the enjoyable climate of the hill station, Munnar can be the perfect destination. They can go for stretched walks, wander around among the natural world and have quality time with each other among the nature ensuring a deep oppression.

8. Ooty – Start a new birth in nature’s round

Hill Station – Ooty

Ooty is well-known as a queen of hill station in Tamil Nadu. Also It is renowned as the most celebrated hill stations in India for honeymoon, Ooty, is well-connected on Nilgiri Hills has got everything for a newly wed couples. The two of a kind can go for romantic walks in the green opaque forest or can just enjoy a mountain shadow. In my opinion, In Ooty, the stunning spots of Doddabetta Peak and Ketty Vally would beyond doubt complement the memorable visit for anybody else.

Why Ooty is famous for either honeymoon trip or tourist places? Because, it compliments gorgeous flowers on the top of hills, besides, the tea and cardamom plantation and the mountains roofed with mists put together Ooty the most number one honeymoon places. Moreover, the place is prosperous in flora and fauna and the picturesque hills make the place ideal for couples who want to spend time in stage of the nature. Then certainly, we can assume it to the other world. Thus, Ooty hill station is becoming as a Paradise on day by day. As we have known about Ooty, It promises a loving honeymoon with lots of attractions in the town such as the botanical gardens, rose garden, Ooty lake and Dodabetta peak.

9. Mount Abu – haven among the desert

Place to Visit Hill Station in Mount-Abu

Mount Abu is a well-known hill station in Rajasthan state of western India, situated in Sirohi district, Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan & prominent for the Jain temples of Delwara. Mount Abu is home to a quantity of tourist attractions from natural magnificence. It is recognized as a Gujarati and Rajasthani weekend, anniversary and honeymoon destination. It is the more impartially that it has only one hill station in Mount Abu & It huddles in the middle of the rocks on a 1,220m sandstone table mountain at the far southwestern end of the Aravalli hills. The Aravallis never before seemed so passion. The strengthening roads to Mount Abu hill Station, the only hill station of Rajasthan, grab the dream every time a visit. Also It has good ranking amongst the popular hill stations in Rajasthan as Mount Abu is the uppermost peak in the Aravalli.Thus, being the lone hill station in Rajasthan & one of the most fascinating in the Northern measurement of the country, Mount Abu sees a large figure of tourists pouring in. mountain choice. It is also called Dev Bhumi (Land of Gods), appropriate to the occurrence of hundreds of temples of Hindu.

Mount Abu is a hill station that is not only well-known as a regular tourist spot but has become the most chosen honeymoon destination for the couples. For the newly – wedded couples, this is in truth a place full of very much fascination so take time out to visit at this one of the most preferable honeymoon point at the end of the day when the environment is very high. So, go for a loved honeymoon to Mount Abu, the hilly back away at Rajasthan. The wobbly hills, dense forests, lakes and an marvelous weather makes Mount Abu an ideal honeymoon place for couple looking for a dumpy smash honeymoon.

10. Ladakh – Summer move away for the couple

Hill Station in Ladakh

Ladakh, also known as ‘the land of high passes’ is located in Jammu and Kashmir and is sandwiched between the Kunlun mountain rangeand the Great Himalayas. Tibetans and India Aryans inhabit Ladakh and most of the people living here follow Buddhism due to which there are a lot of Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. Leh is the largest town in Ladakh and many north India tour packages include Ladakh-Leh in their schedule, because nothing can beat the awesomeness and the serenity of Ladakh. The ruined royal palace of Leh is the major attraction in the whole of Ladakh. Many tours and travel agencies organize camping and trekking trips to Ladakh.

Hence, these are some of the best hill stations of India wherein you can beat the heat and have a fun filled time.

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