Ways to Get Started in Real Estate While Saving Money to Invest


“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.” –Russel Sage

Real estate is one of the excellent ways to financial freedom. As a result of your endeavors, you will have a better leverage on your finances. Unfortunately, even when you do have the drive to succeed, pecuniary setbacks would often deter you from accomplishing your goals. There has never been any doubt that getting started in real estate investing would require money and if you lack capital, more often than not, you are out of luck. However, this does not mean that dabbling in real estate would be rendered impossible owing to your lack of funds. You do need to work a little hard and b committed to your cause. There is a myriad of ways to get started with investing even while you are building your capital and if you are lucky, you might even be able to invest sans the capital.

In any case, whether you are looking to invest on your first property in cloverleaf or elsewhere, here are some ways to get started while you build your capital:

  1. Working on your current job (or something like it)

If you are patient enough, you can build your capital by saving whatever you earn with your current salary. However, this takes a great deal of discipline on your part—so much so that you should learn how to curb your expenses. If your earnings are not that high, you might want to consider working overtime or at least taking side jobs doing things you have a natural flair at.

  1. Wholesaling

While wholesaling has been largely misconstrued as an investment, it is actually still working a job. It is not investing, but it does give you a little background on the comings and goings in the investing world. Wholesaling is an avenue for you to connect with buyers and sellers of distressed properties. However, as you do not necessarily have the funds to time the closing between buyer and seller, what you can do is to essentially charge a “finder’s fee” for being the middleman.

  1. Work as a referral agent

Although this is a relatively less-known practice, it is still an excellent way to create capital. One great advantage of being a referral agent over a regular real estate agent is that the former is a lot easier and requires much less of your time than a full-time real estate agent. All you would really need is a steady stream of connections which you can connect to real estate agents who you then charge a referral fee. This is one of the easiest jobs you can take to complement your current full-time job and it pays well as well.

  1. Partnering

If you no money of your own, find a partner that does have the financial resources. However, you need to be able to bring something to the table such as your exceptional skills in marketing or your connections. Remember to be meticulous with your partners, however, as you do not want to be stuck with a partner who would potentially swindle you or would cuckold you. Do not be willing to partner up with a stranger. Start business relationships with people you already know or at least develop a strong relationship with them first before partnering with them. Lastly, ensure that you are adequately protected by consulting a lawyer to ensure legalities are covered.


Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Investment Rental Property


“Progress always involves risk. You cannot steal second base and keep your foot on the first.”-Fred Wilcox

Real estate investments have been invariably considered as one of the excellent avenues for making profit.

In fact, it is always associated with a lucrative venture and is seen as a great moneymaking endeavor. When you have purchased your rental property, it would be as if you have poised yourself for financial freedom. However, while real estate investments may be considered as a great way to earn proceed, it is in by no means an easy and quick track to producing profits. After all, apart from having a particular business acumen in real estate, a great deal of patience and determination is also required from you. Moreover, trying your hand at real estate investments does not mean you can arbitrarily select properties and put them for sale then expect them to rake in revenue. Apart from doing your research, you need to be incredibly hands on in the initial phases of your endeavor. Remember, making money in real estate is so much more than just purchasing the first decent house you see.

While home improvement shows may show you that flipping houses is as simple as buying dilapidated properties and giving them cosmetic makeovers to improve overall function and aesthetics, real life is so much more than that. What they depict on TV may not even be necessarily what would occur in real life.

In any case, whether you are planning to turn your Makati condo (or property elsewhere for that matter) into a rental investment property, here are some things you ought to keep in mind:

  1. Condition of the house

Of course, buying a fixer-upper probably means that the property you are going to be buying would be run-down or at least be a little beat. However, you need to set some realistic expectations about how much time and money you are willing to invest in order to make the downtrodden house attractive again. At the very most, you should go for the home that requires minimal repairs and cosmetic touches and then have it thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional. Moreover, you also need to ask yourself how many of these repairs would you be able to realistically do on your own and how many would require the expertise of a contractor.

  1. The 1% Rule

While every real estate investor is entitled to his or her own financial goals when it comes to returns, it is a universal agreement that the income of an investment property should at least abide by the 1% rule. This means that you need to make at least 1% of its total purchasing price when you bought it every single month since you have sold it. The only time you can overlook the 1% rule is when a neighborhood is drastically changing or rapidly improving. In this regard, you can expect home values and rents to significantly increase over a short amount of time.

3. Neighborhood

One of the primary things that a prospective tenant would consider in renting out a home or apartment is the location. In fact, it may even be said that the location of a house is just as important as the house itself. In this regard, it would be wise to select an area wisely—particularly if you are potentially considering a tenancy. Choose an area where you tenants would want to live. Ideally, this should be somewhere not only safe but also in proximity to major offices, schools and entertainment hubs as well. Choose a neighborhood whose crime rates are not too high. Moreover, be on the lookout for communities with well-manicured lawns and aesthetically painted homes as tenants will be more receptive in living on a street with excellent curb appeal.

If you wish to market your tenancy to families, have a look at the local school district and ensure that they are within reasonable distance from the neighborhood you have chosen. Parents with children are more likely to rent from areas that have well-ranked schools close-by. Alternatively, if you wish to market your rental property to students, ensure there is a nearby university as this will guarantee a strong rental market.

2018 Colors for a Charming Kitchen


The coming year is another opportunity to throw out the old and get something new. Whether it’s a new home, a piece of furniture or an article of clothing, upgrading the outdated and replacing it with something modern or state-of-the-art will fill you with giddiness and excitement.

If you plan to look for a condo for sale Manila or simply your home for 2018, you need to take note of these colors to make your kitchen the best.


When talking about dark colors, the strongest shade among the group which is black always gets the most attention. The tone conveys deep emotions and translates to actions that require high levels of confidence. To get an updated version of this versatile hue, you can choose a semi-gloss finish to make it look like patent leather. The shine will accentuate the items at home pop. You can also opt for a matte finish and pair it with glistening materials like white marble and neon plastic.

Chocolate Bark

You can get inspiration from a lot of things including food. A dark brown hue is not only present in wood materials. You can use the color to paint smooth countertops, cabinets, and drawers. Brown is not as dramatic as black and is effective in providing a contrasting color for off-white ceramics. It is also warmer and more earthy than black.

Creamy Teal

Cool tones provide tranquility and relaxation. Hence, you can paint the whole area in the same shade. A creamy teal is similar to the waters of the tropical seas. The sight of it will make you think of fresh breeze and calm nature of the ocean.

Deep Ocean

A paint resembling the deep ocean is excellent for bringing out aged or wood items in the kitchen. It brightens the area and complements white and red hues. It will remind you of boat houses, cruises, and boat sails while scrambling some eggs.

Eighties rose

You can always translate your fashion options into your home. An update from the usual salmon and pink rose, the eighties-inspired pink kitchen will delight your senses. It is playful and youthful. It fills the area with energy and will make you think of bubblegum, cherry candy and all things sweet.

Foggy Blue

You can play up the colors of your kitchen by dropping hints of black or gray and mix them with a bright shade. Combining charcoal and blue makes a mysterious and elegant tone that will remind you of rainfall. A large kitchen area can get away with the full-on color. If you have limited space to move around, you can paint the island and counters with it. You can finish off with a gleaming white top.


Light gray, specifically a shade close to charcoal, gives a sense of shadow while emphasizing the softness of the environment. It is a hue that combines the light and dark palettes while serving as a neutral canvas for lively colors. You can use gray to fill the room. The color becomes a canvas for unique or quirky pieces of dining tables, chairs, and artwork.

Soothing Green

As the color is in the middle of the spectrum, it evokes warmth and coolness at the same time. Having the color in the space brings a dash of nature in the area. Thus, painting spot in soothing green increases the brightness in the kitchen when the sun is up and transforms to blue as light leaves the area.

Ripe Oranges

Zesty and full of life, ripe oranges is a popular color for summer as its species thrive in sunny and fair weather areas. The pulpy and juicy fruit is known as a refreshing drink, so it’s hard to miss. The hue is most effective in small doses and in areas that require additional attention.

Paper Cloud

It may be as transparent as noon clouds or white paper. A paper cloud hue is an update from the usual white. It has a hint of gray that is useful fo0r drawing attention to architectural details. Even if the paint is on the light side of the color spectrum, it can still go with other light shades such as rough cream walls, mellow yellows, and muted peach.

Try not to limit yourself when looking for ways to improve the kitchen. The best cookeries are those that embrace out-of-the-box design ideas. It’s best to choose a color that expresses your individuality while maintaining the aesthetic of your home. You can opt for mystery and drama or a soft and dreamy vibe. The power to translate your style depends on the color you choose for the kitchen.

Best Islands for Honeymoon near India – Plan a Romantic Trip to Explore Them


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Islands always lure tourists – mainly honeymooners and couples for romance and to explore natural beauty. Fortunately, the world is blessed with a number of wonderful and small to large islands; some of them are very close to India and creating perfect settings for honeymoon and to have more fun, even more than what one has expected.  Some of the best islands for honeymoon near India are the following.

Maldives – Explore Blue Lagoons and Extensive Reefs

Honeymoon in MaldivesWhat to See and Do in Maldives?

Fesdhoo Wreck, Banana Reef, Jeffreychin, Maaya Thila, Dhevana Kandu, Rangali Madivaru, Rich Carey, etc are the main destinations for various attractions and things to do in Maldives.  Underwater party at Subsix, per Aquum in Niyama and Jazz nights & live bands at Kurumba are sure to give new wings to your fun in Maldives.

Mauritius – Home to Colourful Coral Reefs

honeymoon in MauritiusMauritius is home to colourful coral reefs; while it is counted as one of the best honeymoon destination in the world to enjoy romance on balmy and pristine waters, white sandy beaches and dense evergreen forest ranges. Captivating waterfalls, tropical islands, traditional cuisines, deserted beaches and tranquillity create perfect setting to have more fun.

Tourist Attractions in Mauritius to See

Some of the wonderful attractions that you will see in Mauritius are the following.

  • Fort Adelaide, Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens and Place D’Armes
  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, Eureka House and Photo Museum
  • Sugar Museum, Blue Penny Museum and Trou Aux Biches
  • Belle Mare Plage, Ile Aux Cerfs and Pereybere
  • La Cambuse, Le Morne and Black River Gorges National Park
  • Casela World of Adventures, Parc Francois Leguat and Trou Aux Cerfs
  • Tamarind Waterfalls, Flic En Flac and Grand Baie Bazaar
  • Port Louis Market and Moka

Philippines –

HONEYMOON IN PhilippinesThe beautiful island nation covers almost 7000 islands where you will be staying busy for more days by getting involved in different water sports and activities. Spa sessions are world-class to rejuvenate your mind and body and to sooth you fully with calmness in your mind. Natural beauty is abundance and at its best to provide you a way of know the essence of romance.  Manila is the capital city of the nation – known for its waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown, Binondo, Intramuros, a walled city in colonial times and a lot more in the heart of Old Manila. You will also see Fort Santigo, a storied citadel and military prison and 17th Century San Agustin Church.

Sri Lanka

honeymoon in Sri LankaVery close to India, Sri Lanka is a coconut shaped island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean that has diverse landscapes range from rainforest and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches. It is known globally for its greenery and ancient Buddhist ruins that include 5th century Citadel Sigiriya with its palaces ad frescoes. Anuradhapura is the ancient capital city that has many ruins dating back more than 2000 years. Colombo is the capital city of the nation where you will see a wonderful site. Sigiriya, Temple of the Tooth, Yala National Park, Udawalawe National Park, etc are some of the main attractions to keep you busy. Don’t forget to go for dolphin watching at Kalpitiya, enjoy a sunset at Mirissa, walk among the clouds at Ella, cruise through Mahaweli River and indulge in Watersports.

Phi Phi Island – Island Paradise in Thailand

honeymoon in Phi Phi IslandThe Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand between the large Island of Phuket and the west Strait of Malacca Coast of the Mainland. It is the part of Krabi Province where you will find something special for you to stay busy. Ko Phi Phi Le, Maya Bay, Bamboo Island are the main destinations where you will find natural beauty at its best and abundance greenery.


Honeymoon in BaliThe pride of tourism in Indian Ocean in Indonesia, Bali is counted as the most happening islands near India for honeymoon. Its breathtaking views, exotic resorts, grand temples and plush farms are perfect for an ultra romantic honeymoon. Don’t miss to go for a bird & dolphin sighting, cruise through the seas, snorkel through the colourful corals, see photogenic sunset and walk with your honey on the charming beaches.

Zanzibar honeymoon in ZanzibarGiving another reason to explore Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, Zanzibar is the pride of tourism in Tanzania very close to India. This wonderful archipelago is an island paradise in East Africa – known best for its Pemba and Mafia Islands. They are beautiful places to visit for honeymoon outside India where you will enjoy various water sport activities like snorkelling, swimming with dolphins and stay at underwater Manta Resort at Pemba Island.


honeymoon in Seychelles

A delightful island destination in Indian Ocean, Seychelles is perfect for those dreaming about happiness and cosy time in a picturesque destination. It is one of the best places to visit for honeymoon outside India; while the island group is known for its breathtaking views, posh resorts, rich flora and fauna and beautiful beaches that are sure to keep you busy for more time.

They are the best islands for honeymoon near India that you can choose according to number of days you want to spend. You have to choose affordable honeymoon packages according to your choice. Honeymoon Bug is a reliable tour operator offering you attractive tour packages to explore these island destinations for romance and fun unlimited.

Koh Samui Dining Guide : When, Where and What to Eat in Koh Samui

One of the things I like best when traveling is having an opportunity to sample the local cuisine. But before heading off, I do some research. I started with TripAdvisor Samui restaurants and I couldn’t believe the variety of foods available. Sure there were unique Thai places. But I found I could also enjoy seafood, Indian food, French food, Isaan food and Burmese food. And when I got tired of all that I could get a good old fashioned hamburger. Plus, I would have the chance to dine at just about any kind of restaurant, from five stars to street food. So while there are lots of things to do in Samui, be sure to add checking out the variety of food to the list.


For breakfast in Koh Samui, I was surprised to learn that on the menu would be items I’d typically eat only at lunch or dinner, like pad Thai, yellow, red and green curries and sticky rice. And coconut was always available. The best coconuts coming out of Thailand are produced in Samui and coconut jam is a staple on the breakfast table.

For a traditional English breakfast, Angelia’s Diner and Bakery is a great place to start the day. While not the cheapest place the ingredients are top quality. Try the banana pancakes with a side of bacon or sausage.

For something a bit different, go to the beach for breakfast. There are loads of beachfront cafes and restaurants where everything is available from light fare of fruit and fresh juice to a full English breakfast of eggs and sausage.


While many resorts and hotels offer buffets with the standard cooked items, like eggs and toast, and cold items like cereal, skip all that and head to the fruit display. Here there will be wonderful Thai fruits, many of which I found new to me. That’s the place to start and then follow up with wonderful waffles, granola, and homemade yogurt.

Some of the best places to have brunch Koh Samui include The Tongsai Bay, the Four Seasons Resort and SALA Samui which is known for the honey from its own beehives. But to get a really fantastic brunch by the beach check out the Beach Republic Sunday session. It’s brunch includes, beyond the standards, oysters, roast beef, roast turkey, sushi, a BBQ station, and much, much more.


Lunch is a good time to branch out the culinary experience. Asking the waiter to bring a selection of Thai dishes, but specified not spicy, is a good way to sample items that normally I wouldn’t try.

At times when I wasn’t very hungry for lunch, the best authentic Thai food in Koh Samui is an island dish called, of all things, No Names. It is a mixture of vegetables that are grated and coated in batter. Then it is deep fried.

For great seafood for lunch, check out the Had Bang Po restaurant. It is found on the northern ring road and sits on a gorgeous spot so close to the beach, it is possible to have water swirling under the table at high tide. And there is The Jungle Club for lunch with a view, in the hills overlooking Chaweng Beach.

And of course, street food Koh Samui that include fresh fruit, pancakes, corn on the cob and fried chicken. There are also things on the menu that go crunch as insects are popular in Thailand, including grasshoppers, cicadas, and crickets.


Seafood is a staple in Samui but ask before ordering. Unfortunately, some fish is imported for Western tourists so need to make sure the fish being ordered was caught that day. With same-day caught fish, a Samui seafood restaurant on the shore makes for a romantic beach dinner Koh Samui


At this point, though, it might be time to head to a restaurant serving something besides Thai food. The Stacked, in Chaweng, offers burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. There are a couple of nice options for French. La Route de Rum, in Taling Ngam, offers house-made smoked salmon and boeuf bourguignon. Picasso in Maenam is a small restaurant that used local ingredients in its French cooking. For something more upscale, the Dining Room in Lamai at Rocky’s Resort has foie gras stuffed quail and an extensive wine list.


Koh Samui bars are the place for a bit of nightlife and there is no shortage of options. Save Water Drink Cocktails is a street bar with great inexpensive drinks. The Like Volk Cocktail gets its name from the VW van that was converted to create this bar and has great drinks and great music.

About author: Riya is an inspired writer. She is delighted to work with many aspiring small business owners. Riya loves cooking, crafting and yes! Sipping a good coffee. Check out her twitter, @sanderriya.