Guest Post:What Are the Pros and Cons of Furnished Apartments? Dubai Experts Provide Insights


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Compared to unfurnished apartments, furnished apartments, Dubai investors ought to know, provide a few distinct advantages including better ROI and better tenants.

But before you decide if a furnished apartment is the best investment decision to make, you have to be attuned to your target market, the demand for this type of rental apartment, as well as the location of your property.

fully furnished apartments in dubai for rent

furnished apartments in Dubai

Generally speaking, furnished apartments attract professionals who work on a contractual basis and families going on a vacation. It is important to underscore that location plays a critical role in your long-term success.

Another key thing to consider is the size of your property. If you are planning on attracting workers with contracts, you should have a smaller property. Conversely, families going on vacation prefer multi-storey properties.

What are the distinct advantages of furnished apartments over their unfurnished counterparts?

Higher rent

Furnished properties offer higher yields compared to unfurnished properties. The main reason behind this is that tenants are more than willing to pay more in exchange for convenience. Furthermore, short-term leases are (more often than not) not covered by traditional leases and regulations which apply to longer leases.

Rental contract flexibility

Furnished apartments are often leased for shorter periods. As a landlord, this gives you ample flexibility — a definite advantage if you are keen on using your apartment for vacations or other purposes.

Better tenants

Furnished apartments also tend to attract better tenants. This is highly likely if you own a property in a city centre and acquire professionals as tenants. These tenants are less likely to damage your property.

Less property damage

Because your tenants do not need to furnish the property and bring in big furniture, they are less likely to damage the walls of your property.

But along with the advantages, prospective investors should also know what the disadvantages of furnished apartments are.

Higher costs

Furnishing an apartment means that you will need to invest a sizeable amount of money from the onset. And that investment will not be a one-time thing. Over time, you may need to replace a few pieces inside the apartment.

Turnover rates

Furnished apartments have a higher turnover rate influenced by different market forces including the weather and season, the holidays, currency exchange rates and others. That means that you will have your hands full looking for new tenants.

Fewer potential tenants

furnished apartments in dubai for rent

Not every tenant is on the hunt for furnished properties as many have possessions that they wish to bring with them. Be aware that your target market with a furnished space may be considerably smaller.

Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style


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Not a lot of us will somehow think or at least notice all that comfort around us – before it disappears somewhere. And this seems to be very natural – we «don’t see» what we used to see day after day for years. Or brain simply ignores this information, giving a place for something new to come around. Today we are going to talk about how to choose the right exterior window style for your home.

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

  1. Style as it is

The first thing people should pay attention to – is the style of the house / apartment / building itself. What do you see?

  • A loft?
  • A studio-like small apartment with wooden floors?
  • A penthouse?
  • A classic mid-American family house?

All these should immediately give you a clue of where to look for the right window style. Maybe the proper texture / material / and color is somewhere out there? Well, you have to go out and find then!

  1. A quick word form manufacturer!

Now put yourself into a place of a modern window manufacturer. They work days and nights to bring us millions of varieties – and you are still not satisfied? Sound strange, because visiting at least ONE local home supply shop may take your headache away for many years. Just order their catalog and study it during the nearest weekend!

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Also! Do not forget about the functionality. Leave all these styles and colors to your girlfriend – the window needs to perform its basic functions: open / close / protect from wind / protect from water / protect from sunlight. Check, check, check? Good then. We can move on.

  1. Styles and colors again and again And again

Again we are forced to get back to colors and style – the girlfriend is still around, huh? A lot of architectural pros say that different colors (if they match of course) – always help to highlight the style. And you know what – they are 100% right. If you chose a wrong color because at that moment you thought it’s the right one – you gain a «topic for discussion» for the next 10-15 years at best. You really need this? Chose the color THOROUGHLY!

  1. First things first.

Another important thing in choosing the proper window is the amount of the air it can let inside. If this amount is not sufficient enough – you probably made the wrong turn. This is also about the windows that will never be used. Why pay for the unnecessary moving parts – if there’s a possibility to by everything in one solid piece? By the way, many home owners learned how to get benefits from the both of these types.

  1. Does it look good?

Think one more time whether it is going to look at least not awful together with the whole composition? The front door, the porch, the railing – all of this should HARMONIZE with the thing you have just bought, otherwise you simply ruin the composition and again – the new window will become an everlasting punishment in the face of the bloody-minded neighbors. After all – like we always say: «If you can’t do it yourself – call a specialist! »

About the author: this article was provided by, a Chicago-based company that specializes in window replacement and window repair services. You are welcome to visit their website for more details.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Hotels


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If there is one thing that Dubai is known for, it has to be luxury. The moment you step out of your plane and onto their airport, you can immediately see evidence of that. Real estate is thriving in Dubai and that is why there are many investors who are putting their money in luxury hotels. But as guests in Dubai, or even citizens of Dubai, why should you opt for these expensive types of accommodation? Some may think that it is a waste of good money, but there is a good number of people who think that it is totally worth it. So, which group should you belong to?

The best boutique hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You have been working hard since you finished your bachelor’s degree. It is your goal to have a nice house that you and your family could live in, and a good car. However, let us ask you this: Do you think you deserve a world-class accommodation and service after all you have done? Do you deserve luxury when you and your family go on vacation? Of course, you do. You should not ever deprive yourself of these when you know you have been working hard for it.

the best luxury hotels in Dubai Desert

Top five reasons why you should choose luxury hotels

  1. Value for money. Developers of luxury hotels know that details count. If you are paying a lot of money for your accommodation, then you should be getting your money’s worth. Some details may not seem important but guests will appreciate these. Luxury hotels, for example, would give their guests a personalized welcome amenity that will make the guests feel special. Attention to details is very important.
  1. Great service. Staff at a luxury hotel are trained to give exceptional service to its guests. Not only will they accommodate your requests, but they are also trained to anticipate your needs especially if you are a regular. They keep notes and the next time you visit, these needs are met without you asking for it.
  1. VIP perks. Luxury accommodation definitely has its perks. These perks are not the same for each hotel, but you can be rest assured that there will be some for every valued guest.
  1. Checking in at these types of hotels always go smoothly and without hassle. Other hotels may have issues, but never with luxury accommodation.
  1. Best rooms with the best view. Luxury hotels will always give you the best room with an amazing view of the city. Sleep is also better as the mattresses are of the highest quality.

About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He has first realised his passion for real estate at the age of 18 after attending an auction. Since then, he has continued to be an avid real estate enthusiast and has recently made the final step to earning his real estate license. He visits sites like

What Real Estate Companies Should Do During the Construction Phase?


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Every property has to go through construction and development, and both are not so easy to accomplish — even for experienced real estate companies. That said, you (as a client) need to seek a good team with the right knowledge and experience to assure yourself a stable and aesthetically pleasing property. There are things that you can observe in a real estate builder which can help you determine that they are the perfect people to build your property.

What services do real estate agents provide

Conducting meetings regularly to set daily agendas – It is important for the team to be in line not just with the plan, but also with one another to execute the construction phase more accurately. A wise and experienced company leader knows how significant communication is to a team, so find a development team that constantly and effectively communicates with all its members. This is also important because the meeting is another way of channeling each member’s ideas to improve the workflow and to resolve existing problems happening within.

Wearing proper safety gear – You can only imagine the medical cost of a worker who suffers from an accident while working on your property. Aside from that, you will suffer guilt toward that person, which can affect the work greatly. It might seem like a little thing to most people, but it sure is important, especially when budgets are being talked about.

Good suppliers – Those who provide the raw materials for the real estate development also play a big role in the whole process. The suppliers will be the ones to dictate the budget of the project as well. Choose a development company that has a large network of suppliers for you to have better options. Also, the suppliers will determine the quality of materials which will be used for your property. The sturdiness of the wood and the durability of the tools which your workers will be needing are just some of the things that are affected by the selection of suppliers.

Strategic design and positioning of the property components – You wouldn’t want to be in a position where your interior layout designer blocks your bathroom with a large cabinet. You should choose a team that is highly logical and would consider all aspects of the construction, including the water system, wiring, and placement of the fixed home components. Although logic is essential in the procedure, experience is still the best teacher when it comes to planning.

About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He has first realised his passion for real estate at the age of 18 after attending an auction. Since then, he has continued to be an avid real estate enthusiast and has recently made the final step to earning his real estate license. He visits sites like

How to Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online Easily?


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Summer months are really hard on us in many ways. Every time I step out of the house on a sunny day I carry my favorite sunglasses. A week ago, my friend needed help in purchasing sunglasses but he also needed vision corrective lenses with it.

He did not have the luxury of time to go to a retail store in the city and waste a lot of time in the process. He insisted on purchasing prescription sunglasses online and requested my help in selecting the best sunglasses for him.

order online prescription sunglasses

It took us sometime but we got the job done. I helped him with his purchase and felt the experience would make a good post to help you when you are buying prescription sunglasses online.

What are these prescription glasses and why are they useful?

Prescription glasses are very helpful in combating many vision related problems effectively. They use very specific lenses to correct any vision related issues you may be facing.

  • They provide 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • Order polarized or photochromic prescription sunglasses for men.
  • Prescription sunglasses for women are available with any type of lens prescriptions.
  • Lenses come in a variety of materials and tints.

I was very surprised to know the benefits of beneficial prescription sunglasses.

In my research I found out that they are infact safer than your contact lenses as they don’t cause any kind of infection to your eyes.

You can also wear them when you are cooling off in the waters on a beach. You can look great and protect your eyes at the same time!

Which frame material should I choose?

Eyeglasses frames are generally available in various combinations of metal, plastic, titanium and acetate.

  • If you order your prescription sunglasses online in a frame made out of acetate or titanium they won’t cause any allergies.
  • Acetate and Titanium are hypoallergenic which means that they are the perfect solution if you have a sensitive skin.
  • Titanium is expensive but lightweight.
  • Acetate is very popular and easily available prescription sunglasses frame material.

Your Eyeglasses Must Match Your Face Shape

glasses for your face shape frames

I know it can be very confusing sometimes to select the right frame to suit your face shape. If you were just as confused as I was when I first bought my sunglasses years ago just keep these tips in mind and you will be fine.

  • Oval face shape is complimented by rectangular, cat-eye and square frame styles.
  • Square face shape goes well with oval frame styles.
  • Round face shape is best paired with cat-eye, rectangular and square frame styles.
  • Heart-shaped face looks great with butterfly or round eyeglass frames.
  • Small size frame perfectly matches a petite face.
  • Standard size fits a medium sized face comfortably.
  • Large size is suitable for anyone who needs a wider fit.

My friend had his prescription ready with him so we sat down to order prescription sunglasses online.

Where to buy prescription sunglasses online?

This was quite confusing with so many websites in India selling eyewear online. But we needed to purchase high quality prescription sunglasses at an affordable price.

We finally narrowed down as the best website to purchase prescription sunglasses online. It is a new online retailer in India stocking the best prescription sunglasses India for men and women.

  • They have top brands such as Foster Grant — first sunglasses manufacturer in the world.
  • They also had Reebok and Revlon — another brand I really like.

Shopping on CoolWinks was very easy. One can select from different brands, colors, shapes, styles and materials. This helped narrow down my friend’s choice to the ones that best suited him.

  • Their online payment gateway was efficient and their website is secure with SSL encryption for safe online payments.
  • They ship products very fast and I was informed that his sunglasses were delivered in 4 days to his address.
  • The fit was perfect and his vision was 100% clear thanks to the quality of the lenses used in the frame.

My friend has been showing off his new prescription sunglasses online on Facebook and Instagram ever since!

In my research leading up to the purchase I found out that millions around the world are using prescription glasses today to help improve their vision. With many retailers and brands selling prescription sunglasses online, buying yourself a good quality prescription eyeglass has become easier than ever before.


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