Giving Prefabricated Homes a Style Upgrade


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When you hear ‘prefabricated homes,’ you often think of a box-style house with an uninspired architectural structure and ho-hum floor plan. Truthfully, when people talk about prebuilt homes, first-time homeowners and first-time buyers as well often think of a standard, basic, and boring home.

But, that’s all in the past. The ‘fab’ in today’s modern prefab homes might as well translate to ‘fabulous’ because of their out-of-the-box designs and functionality.

These modern prefabricated homes offer first-time home buyers the chance to customize their own space. With energy efficiency in mind, giving these prebuilt homes a stylish upgrade is just as easy as it is convenient.

color swatches

Just like the ‘sticks and bricks’ constructed houses, prefabricated homes meet the same building codes, which make it easy for homeowners to extend and upgrade as they wish.

Like conventional-built houses, they also qualify for most home loans to help you with the cost. In fact, many prefab home manufacturers offer financing assistance to home buyers who wish to upgrade.

Here are some style upgrades that you can try:

Add character using dormers. These are great additions to your home because they are inexpensive. Further, they chance the silhouette of your prefabricated home, giving you that more charming appeal. It’s also an excellent way to change the natural light that seeps inside your home.

Investing in the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. Just because it’s a prefabricated home doesn’t mean you can’t build the kitchen or bathroom that you’ve always wanted. If you do plan to remodel, you should inform your contractor that you have a prefabricated home so that the team can account for the slight variations in the beam structure.

Build an elegant, homey front porch. If you’re a prebuilt homeowner, you can have your own porch too! A porch can give your home a more inviting aura, and that extra living space will add to the charm of your modern home.

Install a unique front door. Front doors are often the first thing that tells neighbors the type of personality you have. It is also the most inexpensive addition you can add. You want a splash of color? Install a red front door or bright yellow one. It’s really up to you.

Give your windows an upgrade too. Some homeowners believe that doors and windows should complement each other. While some prefabricated home manufacturers give buyers a list of window options, you can always give your basic windows a style upgrade with a few tricks. You can do your own DIY window boxes with florals that you can change with each season. You can even install some DIY window cornices to give rooms its own personality.

Hire an interior designer. Deciding on new furniture and indoor color scheme are pretty common alternations you can make in any home—be it conventional or prebuilt homes. These style upgrades won’t change the floor plan and wall positions in your home. While you can also search on Pinterest for DIY design inspirations, hiring an interior designer can help you come up with a plan that can maximize the space and structure you have.

Paint Colors

Ready for a style upgrade?

Don’t feel limited with your options if you are upgrading prefabricated homes. With the right vendor, you can transform your modular home to reflect your personality and style. What’s great is that you can even do these with simple DIY.

Here’s Why Your Best Friend Can Be Your Ideal Roommate When You Rent Flats in Metros


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It’s everyone’s dream to get a place of their own and experience life staying on their own. That’s why staying away from home—be it rental property or lease apartments—is the most exciting phase in everybody’s life.

You meet new people, get a place of your own, get to cook for yourself, and get started on the journey of self-discovery. That said, at times when you are low, there’s no worse feeling than coming home to an empty room and have no one waiting.

flats on rent near metro station

Image: Flickr

There are moments when you want company, to be entertained and looked after. And who better to do these things with than your best friend!

Moving in with your best friend comes with a number of great perks. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why living with them might just be the best decision you’ll ever take.

It’s Party Night, Every Night

Unlike when you lived with your folks and had to plan lunch dates with your best friend in advance, you can now simply chill at home after work. Impromptu parties are always great, and all you need to do is bring home some wine.

Mi Clothes, Su Clothes

No amount of clothes can ever make your wardrobe feel complete. If you don’t mind sharing your clothes, you can effectively double your wardrobe without even stepping out of your house.

If you and your friends are almost the same size, you can share each other’s wardrobes. You won’t ever run out of options to dress up. This keeps you from overspending, plus you get that extra space in your wardrobe to store.

Countless Soul Sessions

Your best friend knows you better than any therapist ever will. Nothing helps heal a broken heart faster than a one-to-one conversation with your best friend. Even your bad days’ end on a good note, because you get to vent about them.

Dealing with hangovers is a whole lot easier when you have your sympathetic bestie looking after you. You talk all night long with your best friend and sort out your existential crisis!

Non-Stop TV Marathons

You don’t have to fret about streaming your favourite series online when your friend is obsessed with the same. Binge watching movies and TV series without being judged definitely tops the list of amazing things you can do with your friend. As a bonus, you also get to share internet charges.

There’s Food 24/7

No matter how late you reach home or how tired you are to cook, there’s always food at home. You can bid adieu to that daily stress of cooking yourself dinner when you can split take-out food with your friend.

So long as your bestie is a half-decent cook, your daily cooking woes are gone.

A Date You Can’t Say No To

We’ve all been there: cancelling a trip or stopping yourself from going on a trip because you had no company. When you live with your best friend, you always have a plus one. You can explore new places, go to clubs and parties, and even pursue each other’s hobbies.

You will look forward to spending your weekends with them, and wish they never ended. #bffsforlife!

All Your Chores Become Fun Activities

Running weekly errands won’t feel like a drag when you do them with your best friend. Hollering over the same old songs on the radio, dancing crazily, or enacting funny scenes from beloved movies will make your chore time enjoyable. Chores like paying off bills for your leased flat or your rented apartment get an additional boost too: they become light on your wallet as you will split all the bills with your best friend.

Let’s not forget about the money you’d save by not going to the gym while still burning those calories with uncontrollable laughter! Give yourself a break from staying all alone or putting up with a roommate you barely know, and move in with your best friend NOW!

What’s your favourite thing to do with your roommate/best friend? Comment below and let us know!

How to Build a Cottage near the Lake


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If you had it enough of all the noise and crowd you are facing every day maybe it is time for you to build a cottage somewhere far away from urban life. A place near the lake is somewhere where you can go when you want to relax and just enjoy in the nature. But when it comes to building such cottage, things may get much more complicated than when you are building a regular house. So have the following things in mind if you are planning to do this.

Choose the right spot

Build a Cottage Near the Lake

The first thing you should have in mind when preparing to build you cottage is to find the right place for it. Think about how long you will have to travel and will you be able to do it. Also, think about the price. The further away the property is you will get it cheaper. Since building a cottage can be quite expensive it is good to try cutting the expenses as much as you can. Probably, there are a couple of regions you can choose from. The best thing to do in such situation is to actually check them all out, and decide on one of them only after you have explored the whole area.

Have the cottage construction planned carefully

Building a cottage in a place like that is not the same as building a regular house. There are quite a few more things you will have to keep in mind. First of all, you can get a property at a rocky site. Also, many of these properties are situated on landslides. When building a cottage at places like this it is necessary to make a strong foundation in order to make sure that the cottage is going to stand still. Also, if you have managed to get a property near the lake, you should think about making the foundation higher in order to make the cottage safer from floods and underground waters. Also, think about the design of your new cottage. When building places like that, most of the people use wooden logs for the construction. These are usually placed within the wall and connected by mortar.

Don’t buy what you can make

When building something like this there will always be some material that has not been used completely. Instead of throwing it away you can use it to build furniture for the cottage. A place like this is supposed to look a bit vintage and homemade furniture will give it that look completely. If you have used wooden logs in the design of the cottage, you can use what is left of them to make all of the kitchen cabinets. All it takes is a little bit of effort and proper tools. Look up for durable cordless power tool kits and you will have everything you need for making most of the furniture by yourself. This will also save you some money you would otherwise spend on the transportation of the furniture.

Make sure you plan everything carefully when building a cottage and you will certainly end up having a beautiful place to visit from time to time. There is no better way to relax than to rest at a place where you can enjoy the beautiful view and do not be disturbed.

10 Best Places in India To Celebrate New Year


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Another year is coming to an end. December has stepped in and within a few weeks the whole world around the globe will be welcoming the New Year. Most of you must have already started preparations to welcome New Year and must have even decided on New Year resolutions as well!

Many people love to explore new places or would love to even celebrate New Year with a great start at a new place in a grand style. So, where have you planned to celebrate your New Year this year? Check out these places in India for an awesome New Year eve this time…


Bangalore, which is known as the silicon valley of India is one of the best places in India to dump the past and to step into a New Year. A lot of celebrations are held every year in the city to entertain people for the New Year Eve. Pubs, Restaurants, community groups and even the city hold a lot of activities till late night on the New Year eve, so that Bangaloreans get a chance to celebrate their New Year in the most auspicious way they like. Dance, music, parties and good food are the best ways opted by any Bangalorean to welcome New Year. Do visit Bangalore this time if you want to celebrate your New Year in a rocking style!

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Mumbai is the hub for people who have a lot of dreams and aspirations and the city had never let down anyone for the same till now. This city never sleeps and when it comes to New Year celebration, nothing is better when compared to the way Mumbaikars celebrate it. It is one of the most sorted after places by people from various parts of India to celebrate New Year. So, why not Mumbai this time?

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is not only a perfect destination for honeymoon but, it is also a great place to welcome New Year. The place holds the credit of having not only scenic beauty but some wonderful New Year celebrations as well. Forget celebrating your New Year inside any hotel or club house. At this place, you can prefer enjoying your New Year Eve on the beaches, islands, resorts and even yachts. Cool isn’t it?


Alike Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Goa is also one of the best places to chill out this New Year. The place is already known for its night parties and clubs. So what more you need apart from loud music, full on dance on the floor, great cuisine and the booze? There is no other better way to welcome the New Year with your loved one in such a place where there is nothing except full on fun and frolic. Enjoy the beaches, full night parties, good food and lots more this New Year in Goa.

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Munnar is again a honeymoon destination which is also known for its scenic beauty as well. And the month of December will be filled with fog and mist and so is a great choice to have a cozy New Year Eve with campfire and lots more other activities. It will be a great way to revive your romance, to ignite it for the upcoming year.


Shimla is one of the most popular hill stations in India. So, you must be wondering what you will do on the New Year Eve in the midst of the snow? Exactly, you guessed it right. You can welcome the New Year in the snow. Book a cottage or a resort and then enjoy the New Year Eve in the snowfall.


McleodGanj lies on the bed of the Himalayas. This is one of the most visited places by tourists especially during New Year season as the place will have both snow and rain. It is indeed a great experience. Whoever who prefer to have a snowy New Year, you should definitely head to McleodGanj.


Udaipur is a romantic destination indeed but, it has some great things to offer during New Year as well. The entire place is a symbol for love and all those people who love to be in a city that highlights Indian culture, Udaipur is the best choice. The whole place will be lighted and there will be amazing fireworks as well.


Kasol is again a place good for nature loving people. Get away in the beauty of this place at this New Year for a new beginning. You can party throughout the night in the midst of the hills and the snow and can make your New Year eve the most memorable one.


Last but not the least, Puducherry is a great option as well to celebrate your New Year eve. A lot of events are organised by various forums and organisations to welcome New Year. So, hang out with your family at this place for some great moments to welcome the New Year that can last for a lifetime.

Pune’s Realty Trend to Gain a Considerable Appraisal This Year


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Pune has experienced an alarming boost in the realty market. It was once a residential haven to lead a peaceful life post-retirement. However, the city has successfully enrolled its name under the most resourceful destination, with respect to the employment opportunity, in recent times. The demographic upsurge of the city owes the credibility to the establishment of IT/ITES and MIDC’s all over. The industrial developments have welcomed several enthusiast job hunters to flock in the city. Additionally, the educational opportunity offered at the city has also embraced considerable student’s inflow from all part of the world.

pune residential flats

To accommodate the increased census, realty infrastructure of Pune has been upgraded significantly. The pleasant climate and serene ambience of the city amidst its bustling existence has allured several migrates to permanently shift their base in Pune. The city has relished a makeover in real estate plan. The entire city has been reframed with luxurious homes and modern infrastructural aesthetics. The residential accommodations in Pune are systematically structured in and around the superlative workplaces. The trendy conglomeration of Pune properties has enticed all inquisitive prospect buyers with ample variations of flats.

According to a study, the realty development in west and east Pune has been considerable, as compared to the central northern and southern periphery of the city. The scenario is due to the IT/ITES workplaces more concentrated in the western and eastern locales of the city, whereas there is a limited scope in land development or modern residential construction in the central prime locales of the city. As per the experts, Pune is surely going to get a major facelift in its realty infrastructure. However, the city has stretched its periphery to an extended limit, to accommodate the soaring population of the city. Pune has gained affirmative response in terms of real estate business from NRI’s. Moreover, abodes in Pune have served as the source of rental income for many.

The rising demand of residential properties in Pune has motivated several builders to structure their contemporary abodes satisfying the modern residential needs of the potential buyers. The IT professionals prefer the places adjacent to the IT workplaces, whereas the industrial workforce tends to concentrate at the adjacency of their workplaces. The enticing parameter of “walk to work”, for any residential investment has motivated maximum footfall for locales that has workplaces in its vicinity. To meet the rising demand of residences in the city, several eminent realtors have started their constructional venture in the city. The majestic apartments in Pune are thus meticulously crafted to meet the ultra-modern desire.

Thus, the realtors have more concentrated on areas like, Baner, Pashan, Aundh, Wakad, Pimple Saudagar, Pimple Nilakh and Balewadi close to Hinjewadi IT Park in the west. Additionally, the areas like kharadi, Mumdhwa, Keshav Nagar, Magarpatta City, Wagholi, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar have allured the professionals from Magarpatta IT Park and SP Infocity. Whereas, areas like Moshi, Chakan Charoli, Talegaon, Bhosari, Ranjangaon, Shikhrapur, Loni relishes the residential preference of the adjoining MIDC’s. The areas like Kothrud, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, NIBM Road, Undri and many others are posh residential areas for the mass with its never ending charm.

According to a latest survey, the residential realty demand of Pune has experienced a steep rise of approximately 46000 in the present year as compared to the 20000 15 years ago. The city has been targeted by foreign and national conglomerates making scope for employment. Coupled with the upgraded civic infrastructure and apt urban resources, thus the lavish flats in Pune are about to gain a preference that summarizes the positive effect on the realty turnover of the city in current and upcoming years.


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