A high-quality doesn’t always mean they are the most expensive. You can assess the quality of a condo from its construction up to the track record of its developer.

Choosing a well-maintained and managed condo is ideal for investment. It places your money on the right type of property. Moreover, it makes you a credible buyer or seller because of the kind of condo you offer in the market. An park central towers, for example, is a high-quality condo. It encourages an active and engaged lifestyle with the community.

To ensure your investment, check these ten characteristics of a high-quality condo.

1. The space considers the need of future homeowners.

The measurements of the floor area are exactly as advertised. At the same time, the floor layout is spacious. The whole unit is ergonomic and moving from one place to another is comfortable and feels natural.

2. The finishing touches follow a high-standard.

Expensive and well-made condominiums use real wood, high-quality cement, and other types of rocks. Its materials – from doors to windows – are thick and sturdy. It also has customized knobs and cabinets.

Other than hardware, wall paint and flooring speaks for itself. The colors and texture are in sync with the overall theme and design of the unit. Some homeowners prefer a soundproof condo unit for added privacy.

3. The unit is fully furnished or has state-of-the-art fixtures.

Not all condo units come with pieces of furniture. However, those with furnishing has the best in the market. Luxurious condos have SMEG kitchen appliances or Canadian kitchen cabinets. For a luxurious bath, it has Kohler and Grohe bathroom fixtures. These are well-known brands producing quality products in the market.

4. A professional designed the condo’s interiors.

The condo did not end up looking like a real-life magazine catalog on its own. Several homeowners seek the help of interior designers to elevate the look and ambiance of their interior. For an elegant and polished appeal of the condo, these units follow a theme. A home looking like a work of art is an inspiring and exciting place to stay.

5. The condo receives enough light and is well-ventilated.

A well-designed condominium has enough lighting and ventilation. It receives has access to natural light from the windows and has enough fixtures in the unit. It has the right combination of warm and cool lighting as well as the necessary light installation for each room.

The room also doesn’t feel stuffy. It has air wells along with floor-to-ceiling glass or steel windows to refresh the quality of air in your home.

6. There are amenities within the complex.

A well-planned condo keeps comfort and convenience in mind. It caters to various lifestyles and ideas of relation. The property must have a kiddie pool and a lap pool, playground, jogging or walking path, and a gym. These amenities encourage chilling during weekends or keeping up with an exercise routine. The property must also house meeting and function room for business and entertainment.

7. The condo must prioritize safety.

The complex must be in a quiet, family-friendly location. It must also have 24-hour security, cameras, and regular maintenance to prevent safety hazards.

8. The property maintains its greens.

Luxury condos offer an escape from the demands of urban living. One of its notable features is landscaping. The greens in the complex must welcome you in an oasis or relaxation. The refreshing outdoor area with impeccable landscaping encourages a mini-retreat in the middle of a bustling city.

9. The management is on top of the homeowner’s well-being.

It’s not enough for management staff to be friendly. The security guards, sanitary workers, electrician, or receptionist must be responsive and on top of their job. They are there for a quick fix or assistance.

10. A reputable property developer with track record built the condo.

Well-known and trusted developers deliver their promise. They finish their projects on time and use high-quality materials to ensure there are no mishaps or rejects in their construction.

The best condos in Manila or Makati, Philippines are available at a premium price. It is double the price of an ordinary condo as it guarantees quality. Before purchasing a luxury condo, assess your needs. Use this checklist-slash-guide to make an informed decision on the condo unit you plan to buy.