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For the people who wanted to travel to other countries but were scared of the air ticket prices now is the great time to do so. The reason being, most of the airlines have started giving huge discounts on every international ticket. It is advisable to check and compare the rates first and make an advance booking of the same. People have already started enjoying these discounts on cheap international air tickets, most of the companies have started this scheme as a move to increase the sales of their air tickets because today one has many options to choose from when it comes to the airline company.

Thai Airlines

Thai airlines is a Thailand based airline company having its headquarters in Bangkok, its main operational hub is at Suwarnabhumi airport. Thai airlines are known for the quality service and reasonable price air tickets they offer, the airline offer to travel around 75 destinations which include 35 countries all around the world. Its most frequent destinations being the whole Asia, the company is said to be the largest passenger airlines in the entire Europe. It has started the ‘most hygienic in cabin program’ and especially has an audit team who looks after the hygienic conditions within the flight. The flight has a Hospital-grade air filter which filters almost 99% of the air within the airplane.

Thai airlines will probably take you to Thailand, where one can surely visit one of the most authentic places to visit, Chiang Mai. It attracts over 5 million tourists every year and has an importance in its own way founded in 1296.  Places worth visiting in Chiang Mai are Inthakhin-City pillar, the Sunday evening Market, the Ho Trai (library), Huai Tueng Thao Lake and many others. It’s a cultural as well as a modern tourist destination in North Thailand.