5 Luxury Beachfront Villas in Thailand with Private Pool


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For those who envision days and nights spent in one’s own personal paradise, tucked away in some far-away island, there are Thailand private pool villas that can satisfy this need. Whether you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track yet comfortable experience or a luxurious private retreat near the beach, Thailand has something for you.

KC Resort and Over Water Villas

KC Resort and Over Water Villas

Located in Koh Samui island in Surat Thani province, KC Resort offers one of the best luxury villas in Thailand. The hotel accommodations, which are perched on a hillside, offers impressive views of Chaweng Bay and nearby Matlang Island.

KC Resort has 16 overwater villas, which are suspended on stilts over a 60m² crystal clear infinity pool. This unique design allows guests to swim under or around the private villa, pausing to admire the panoramic views of the ocean. In keeping with the natural theme, the villas are constructed with materials such as cedar and teak.

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Coastal Escape

Unobstructed views of the world famous Pha Nga Bay welcomes visitors to this holiday resort Koh Yao Noi. This piece of paradise offers the best of both worlds with its proximity to tourist magnets such as Phuket and Krabi, access to best modern amenities, including free fiber optic wi-fi access in all rooms and public areas, and private comfort.

Coastal Escape has carved a quiet space away from the crowd with spaces designed with the visitor in mind. Coastal Escape has deluxe beach accommodations that offer the best in Thailand luxury villas. Each 2-bedroom villa has their own private plunge pool with a comfortable patio that offers views of the beach or the limestone cliffs of the bay.

The Place

The Place, an appropriately named corner of paradise in Koh Tao Island, has nine boutique villas with an open-plan design that integrates the great outdoors with the living space. Guests to savor the ocean views can open huge floor length sliding doors completely. Each villa has its own infinity pool and private sundeck, and a glass roof shower to complete the experience of living in nature.

Guests at The Place will appreciate the seclusion and privacy of the location. The Place also supports responsible eco-tourism and has adopted sustainable practices such as using eco-friendly products and integrating rain catchment and other green design features into the facilities.

Amatara Resort

Amatara resort, which is hidden in a quiet corner of Phuket, offer not only 5-star accommodations but also wellness amenities for guests. The resort, which overlooks the turquoise waters of Andaman Bay, has around 35 ocean villas, each with a private pool and unobstructed views of the waters. They also have a pool pavilion, which has an ensuite outdoor pool. As a wellness resort, Amatara offers several luxury packages for guests who want to relax, detoxify, or participate in a spa or weight management program during their stay.

Paradise Koh Yao

Located in a perfect secluded spot within a tropical rainforest which opens up to the waters of Phang Nga bay, Paradise offers guests one of the best in Koh Yao Noi accommodation. The resort combines comfortable amenities while embracing a tropical, shabby chic aesthetic, which takes guests away from the hustle and bustle of modern living. For those who want peace and quiet, the resort has several villas with its own pool and jacuzzi and direct access to the beach. True to the aesthetic of the resort, these accommodations blend indoor and outdoor living with an expansive living area, outdoor bar, as well as a tropical bathroom and rainshower.

The wide variety of beach villas in Thailand allows guest to choose and customize their vacation experience. Here in this part of Asia, there is a multitude of secluded corners near crystal clear ocean waters that could help you shed the stress of modern living.

About the author: Wassana Lampech currently lives in Chiang Mai. She is a girl who loves traveling, originally from the Southern part of Thailand. You can find her on Twitter or see more Thailand photos from her Instagram.

10 Best Things to in Dubai You Just Can’t Miss


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Dubai is one destination that holds a new surprise almost every time you visit it. A city of biggest world records, Dubai is a world of glitz and glamour with a unique Middle Eastern touch that makes it distinct. Dubai fascinates every single of its tourists with its undying energy, warmth and optimism. Every trip to Dubai is one of a kind experience.

Every trip to Dubai no matter how long or short must have a bucket list of a few best things to do and they must include the following 10 activities.

  1. Shop, Shop, and Shop

best shopping in dubai

No trip to Dubai is complete without shopping. One of the world’s biggest shopping destinations, Dubai is every shopper’s dream. If you have the will to hold back your wallet, we still guarantee, that you will splurge on shopping more than you generally do. The city has so much to offer, at such amazing prices that it’s almost impossible to hold yourself back. From the best of the world brands to the local handmade carpets, everyday shopping bonanza to the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival; shopping in Dubai is certainly one of the best things to do.

  1. Experience Snow in the desert city

ski in dubai

Go Ski Dubai. This world’s first and largest indoor ski resort beckons you for its 22500 square meters area consisting of 5 slopes of different steepness, the world’s first indoor black diamond run spanning an area of 400 meters, and various other features such as rails, boxes, kickers.  There is a snow park play area too with toboggan runs, climbing towers, icy body slides, and also an ice cave. Situated inside one of the world’s largest shopping malls- Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai boasts of real penguins and allows exclusive interaction with them as well.

  1. The Grandeur of Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa images

No matter how short is your trip to Dubai, one if its main attraction that should definitely not be missed is the tallest manmade structure of the world- the mighty Burj Khalifa. This 160 storey building houses various hotels, restaurants, offices, and residential houses and boasts of an observatory deck on its 144th floor. It allows the visitors to spend 30 minutes admiring the world around and below them from literally the top of the world. The building is a modern engineering marvel and its observation deck is an experience in itself.

  1. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

How often do you get to see the world’s largest suspended acrylic aquarium with a 10 million liter water tank? If it sounds unbelievable, visit the Dubai Mall and see for yourself on its ground floor. The aquarium is home to over 33000 marine animals including rays, huge sharks and snakes. Continue your exploration of the marine life magic with the underwater zoo that contains over 458 marine species visible at an 180 degree view. Go through the three mesmerizing ecological zones- Living Ocean, rocky shores, and rainforest and enjoy marine life like nowhere else.

  1. The Dubai Desert Safari

dubai desert safari hummer

It is said that no trip to Dubai is complete without experiencing the Dubai Desert Safari, and rightly so, there’s hardly any other experience that clubs the best of adventure, leisure, luxury and enjoyment in one activity. Enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, overnight camping with sumptuous array of international cuisine, dance, music, entertainment and a night under the starlit sky; all of this only at the Dubai Desert Safari.

  1. Explore the Souks of Dubai

best souk in dubai

The souks of Dubai are the best places to get a feel of the local culture and people. Some of the world’s best known souks like the Gold souk, the Spice and the perfume souks are in Dubai. The crammed streets with retail shops showcasing the best of their products at throw away prices, the electrifying energy that the bustling streets infects you with, the vibrancy of the place that grips you and the unbelievable bargains are best experienced than explained.

  1. The feel of Old Dubai at the Bastakia Quarter

bastakiya quarters dubai

One of the most evocative areas of Dubai’s humble past, the Bastakia quarter lane instantly transports you to the Bedouin era when Dubai thrived on the basic necessities. Like a precious flower surrounded by modern skyscrapers, the historical Bastakiya district is one of the most picturesque Dubai heritage sites featuring the traditional Wind towers, and narrow pedestrianized areas.

  1. The Global Village

global village dubai

A premier leisure, shopping and entertainment destination, Global Village hosts about 6 million visitors every year during its tenure from November till April. Located at Dubailand- presumably the world’s largest entertainment destination project, Global Village is a carnival like theme park with colossal sections of over 70 different countries showing off their nation’s best. In addition, it has dance, stage and various cultural shows and a host of entertainment options for tourists across all age groups.

  1. Big Bus Tour

big bus dubai reviews

One of the ideal ways to see the best of Dubai tour is through the famous Big Bus Tour. With a choice of 12 recorded language translations, this open roof hop on/ hop off bus tour is the best way see Dubai’s best attractions along with an in- depth understanding of Dubai’s journey from a simple Bedouin village to a world tourist hub. Take their night tour to experience illuminated Dubai with live commentary.

  1. Dubai Museum

dubai museum

There’s no better place to understand the rich history and sensational transformation of Dubai than the Dubai Museum located at the historic Al Fahidi fort. From the 10 minute video that kicks off as soon as you enter the museum you pass though village exhibits and the mock souq that depicts the trading of that time with craftsmen at work. Dubai Museum ends with the archeology section that displays the best findings from the excavations since the time of the city’s early settlement dating back to 4000 years.

Everything that you are able to see, feel and enjoy in Dubai is the result of its gutsy ambition, determination to make itself the best tourist destination, and the intellectual channelization of monetary resources. While the city is a cosmopolitan beehive during the day, after dark it becomes an illuminated party destination for one and all. Visit Dubai to enjoy a time of your life.

A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Trip to Hawaii on a Budget


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A vacation to Hawaii sounds like a trip to paradise. But, figuring out a trip to Hawaii cost can make you realize that a visit to paradise doesn’t come cheap.

The state of Hawaii is divided up to seven islands and each one has its own charm. So for those new to traveling to Hawaii, figuring out where to go in Hawaii usually is the first priority. Sometimes, that can mean the best island to visit in Hawaii because transportation from one island to another can often mean a costly short plane ride or a boat trip.

If you are interested in taking in Hawaii on a budget, here are a few tips to follow.

1) Know when to take the trip

Usually the winter months are when the most take a trip to Hawaii in an effort to avoid the cold and the snow. There are times in the latter half of January and February where things may slow down. However, prices generally remain high through April.

The good news is the weather makes Hawaii almost a year-round potential destination. May through September have more affordable pricing, but the months of October and November have the best discounts.

It should be noted that humpback whale watching is at its best in February while the Aloha Festivals are in September.

2) Stick with one island at a time

When planning a trip to Hawaii, be aware of how costly it is to go island-hopping. Rather, it is better to stay on one island to keep down travel costs. Even if the price isn’t too bad, it is still a time-consuming exercise you can do without when you are trying to squeeze in as much relaxation or sight-seeing time as possible on your trip.

The six main vacation islands (the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai) all have their own unique charms as it is. It is far easier to save trips to other islands for later Hawaii visits. Oahu is popular because the city of Honolulu is located there. The Big Island is larger than the other islands combined and is ideal for hikers as well as its volcanic national park. Maui is known for its great beaches. Molokai has the most native culture. Those who like nature would prefer Kauai while Lanai may be preferred for those looking to relax and get away from civilization.

3) Cities are preferable for newcomers

Hawaiian Hula Dance

Normally in the continental U.S., the cities are expensive and rural regions are cheaper. However, because of the state being one-bit tourism spot, cities may actually be ideal for first-time visitors to Hawaii.

On the island of Oahu, where Honolulu is located, there is public transportation that can get to most stops in lieu of a rental car. Honolulu, being the capital of the state, is ideal for finding out more information about potential hidden tourist spots. Also, being new to Hawaii, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start out with an Oahu luxury rental in regards to finding a spot to stay at during the trip.

4) Enjoy the beaches

find the best beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii is world renowned for its beautiful beaches

Hawaii is renowned for its various beaches whether it is by Honolulu or elsewhere. Instead of going to various of tourist places that suck up the money, take time to relax on the beach and enjoy the weather without having to seriously dip into your wallet.

Finding the best beaches in Hawaii Big Island or even on Maui where just about any beach will do would be a wise and effective way to spend your vacation.

5) Finding place to stay

You could stay at a hotel, perhaps a hostel or looking into Hawaii luxury vacation rentals if you’re travelling with family would be a cheaper option. You can enjoy all-inclusive Hawaii vacations from wherever on the island, be it a five-star resort or a simple apartment for rent.

While it may be tougher to find guided tours from hotels. If you buy a package tour, make sure you understand general regulations in the package. Make sure the rented apartment is close to beaches and various modes of transportation. This way, you can only reserve rental cars for days when you are actually traveling around instead of relaxing on a sandy shore nearby.

Consumer Rights in Package Travel Regulations


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Package travel package holidays and package tours have certain advantages to traveler, especially those on a budget. There are several cost-saving opportunities when you have all your travel needs bundled up in one neat package. However, the lack of regulations when it comes to holiday package contracts raised concerns. With unscrupulous businesses posing as legitimate travel agents offering all kinds of deals, it became necessary to have some standards that holiday package providers have to meet. Understanding the general regulations puts a consumer in an advantageous position when making travel plans. It also establishes the grounds in case of holiday accident claims.

vacation holiday packages and other tour packageshat is in a Travel Package

A consumer must know what a standard holiday package should contain. By regulation, an organizer must provide at least two components in a combination. Some of these include transport, accommodation, and other tourist services. The elements included in a package must be sold at an all-inclusive price.

One concern that travelers have with today packages is the DIY factor that some of them come with. For instance, a holiday package may have an alternative of making your own hotel bookings. Per the package travel regulations, even when different accounts are used for the components, the arrangement does not cease to be a package. A package remains “pre-arranged” even when the customer gives specific instructions to alter certain aspects. For instance, just because a consumer changes their itinerary for a day trip that is part of a holiday package does not modify the terms of the contract.

However, if a retailer books different components with separate suppliers and individual contracts, then they may not amount to a travel package. In such an instance, the consumer should have prior knowledge of this because certain regulations may not apply to this type of arrangement.

Providing Information

When getting a travel package, the retailer should ensure that all the relevant information is available in a legible manner. The brochures that customers use to pick their packages should be clear to avoid misunderstandings. It is not uncommon for suppliers and retailers to include misleading information on travel brochures about features such as price, description of the holiday and other conditions. Such information can leave a provider liable for damages. A consumer could file a personal injury compensation if the information provided in a holiday package brochure led to an accident, whether directly or directly. Some of the details that a retailer should provide include:

  • Destination
  • Total price of holiday
  • Transport information
  • Accommodation details
  • Any email included
  • Health requirements
  • Passport and visa requirements
  • Arrangements in case of delays or cancellations

Package travel regulations consider these details as the terms of the contract, which is why they must be comprehensible.


A contract should also include insurance information pertaining to the travel. Insurance coverage during travel is crucial because the traveler has protection in case of cancellations, illnesses, accidents, or repatriation. Having the appropriate insurance would make it less complicated to make holiday accident claims in case something happens during a trip. The contract should stipulate correctly if a particular destination requires a specific type of holiday insurance and where to buy it from.

Contact information

Even with the best arrangements, things can go wrong – flights get delayed or delayed by bad weather, hotels get overbooked or closed down, and businesses get bankrupted. When buying package travel package holiday and package tours, a customer should always get the details of the retailer for some of the circumstances above. Having a telephone number for your agent means that you can call to get assistance in case of skewed plans.

Contracts for holiday packages should be in writing, and both parties should evaluate and agree to each term.



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For Adventure junkies, there is no ideal season for trekking. They keep their bags packed & their spirits high in every season. Fortunately in India, every season is perfect for trekking. While in summers you can expect to see a lot of greenery & easy access to high altitudes, in winters you can expect to see snow in much lower altitudes. So when should you trek really? Well it depends on the type of experience that you seek. Since Trekking is comparatively a new hobby in India, most trekkers are first timers. Most of them are looking to see some good amount of snow on their first trek. On top of it, if they get to experience a snowfall, it’s like an icing on the cake. If you are one of these souls & wish to see exotic white meadows, frozen water bodies, snow laden trails, then winter is your season.

There are only a few treks which are done from Dec to March. Here is a list of seven most popular winter treks with difficulty level ranging from easy to challenging.

kuari pass trek uttarakhand

Complete guide to the Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass is considered the best trek to do in winters. It is a mountain pass situated in the Garhwal Himalayas at a height of 3876 m. The trek is also known as Lord Kurzon Trail after the name of person who reached it for the first time. The trail starts from a dense forest near Auli, the famous ski destination. The trek offers some of best views of Nanda Devi range of peaks. Gorson Bugyal is another highlight of this trek.

Altitude: 3876 m

Total Trek Distance: 35 km

Duration: 5-6 days

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Har Ki Doon Trek & Trekking In Uttarakhand

Get Complete Information about Har Ki Dun Valley Trekking

Har Ki Dun begins from a small village Taluka near Sankri and goes up to Har Ki Dun valley. The valley acts as a base camp of Fateh Parvat. It is like a basinnet nestled in between Garhwal Himalayas. The route of this trek passes through dense forests of walnut, chestnut and willow trees and goes along the river rupin. According to the local beliefs, Yudhishthira (one of the Pandavas) climbed the Swargarohini peak to reach heaven and that is why it is also known as Valley of Gods. The place will make you feel like true heaven.

Altitude: 3500 m

Total Trek Distance: 67 km

Duration: 6-7 days

nag tibba trek in uttarakhand

The Mussoorie-Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba is the most lovable trek due to its easy terrain, less duration and its accessibility. It is also known as Serpent’s Peak. It is considered the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan ranges. Below the peak, there is a temple located called Nag Devta temple and it is believed to be the dwelling place of Nag Devta (Snake God). The small town, Panthwari, from where this trek starts, is just 380 km from Delhi and is easily accessible through bus and taxi. Nag Tibba is considered the best trek for first timers.

Altitude: 3022 m

Total Trek Distance: 30 km

Duration: 3-4 days

goecha la trek best season

Goecha La trekking complete overview

Sikkim has always attracted travelers with its occult charm, glamour and unique culture. Goecha La is a high mountain pass situated in the south eastern region of Mt. Kanchenjunga. It is also the base camp for mountaineers attempting to climb Mt. Kanchenjunga. The trek consists of walking through the Khangchendzonga National Park, one of the greenest regions in the world and reaching the Goecha La Pass to get the heavenly views of mighty peaks such as Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Talung, etc. It is a difficult trek that challenges your stamina, but at the same time it also astonishes you with the great views.

Altitude: 4940 m

Total Trek Distance: 95 km

Duration: 10-11 days

Chadar Trek, Himalayan Expedition

Chadar Trek – A Walk on Ladakh’s Frozen Zanskar River

If we are talking about adventure, then how Ladakh could be forgotten. It always comes at the top on the list of adventure seekers. Chadar Trek or Zanskar George is a trek that includes walk over the frozen Zanskar river along the walls of 600 m high vertical cliffs. Trekking on the frozen Zanskar river gives a true divergent experience that recharges your adrenaline up to full. The trek is rated among the best treks in the world.

Altitude: 3400 m

Total Trek Distance: 105 km

Duration: 9-10 days

Trek to Kedar Kantha Peak in Garhwal Himalaya

Complete information on the Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha is one of the rarest treks that remain accessible throughout the year. The trail passes through Govind wildlife sanctuary and a national park in Uttarkashi district and that makes this trek rich in flora and fauna. Its vast green meadows get brimmed with snow that gives the look of a snow desert. Adding to this, the irresistible views of the peaks such as Swargarohini, Kalanag, Baanderpooch and Ranglana make this a wonderful winter trek.

Altitude: 3810 m

Total Trek Distance: 28 km

Duration: 5-6 days

Deoria Tal and Chandrasilla Top Trek

Complete information on Chandrashila-Deoria Tal Trek near Chopta.

Deoriatal get frozen in the months of winter. In the backdrop of this lake one gets magnificent views of complete ranges of western Uttarakhand. Chandrashila means “moon rock”. According to locals, this is the place where Lord Rama meditated after defeating Ravana. The view from the summit is so arresting that trekkers get spellbound by it. You also get to see Tungnath temple, which is the world’s highest Shiva Temple. The difficulty level of this trek varies from easy to moderate.

Altitude: 4000 m

Total Trek Distance: 25 km

Duration: 4-5 days

So this winter don’t just hide in your blanket, head to one of these winter treks and make life long memories of adventure & fun.