Consumer Rights in Package Travel Regulations


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Package travel package holidays and package tours have certain advantages to traveler, especially those on a budget. There are several cost-saving opportunities when you have all your travel needs bundled up in one neat package. However, the lack of regulations when it comes to holiday package contracts raised concerns. With unscrupulous businesses posing as legitimate travel agents offering all kinds of deals, it became necessary to have some standards that holiday package providers have to meet. Understanding the general regulations puts a consumer in an advantageous position when making travel plans. It also establishes the grounds in case of holiday accident claims.

vacation holiday packages and other tour packageshat is in a Travel Package

A consumer must know what a standard holiday package should contain. By regulation, an organizer must provide at least two components in a combination. Some of these include transport, accommodation, and other tourist services. The elements included in a package must be sold at an all-inclusive price.

One concern that travelers have with today packages is the DIY factor that some of them come with. For instance, a holiday package may have an alternative of making your own hotel bookings. Per the package travel regulations, even when different accounts are used for the components, the arrangement does not cease to be a package. A package remains “pre-arranged” even when the customer gives specific instructions to alter certain aspects. For instance, just because a consumer changes their itinerary for a day trip that is part of a holiday package does not modify the terms of the contract.

However, if a retailer books different components with separate suppliers and individual contracts, then they may not amount to a travel package. In such an instance, the consumer should have prior knowledge of this because certain regulations may not apply to this type of arrangement.

Providing Information

When getting a travel package, the retailer should ensure that all the relevant information is available in a legible manner. The brochures that customers use to pick their packages should be clear to avoid misunderstandings. It is not uncommon for suppliers and retailers to include misleading information on travel brochures about features such as price, description of the holiday and other conditions. Such information can leave a provider liable for damages. A consumer could file a personal injury compensation if the information provided in a holiday package brochure led to an accident, whether directly or directly. Some of the details that a retailer should provide include:

  • Destination
  • Total price of holiday
  • Transport information
  • Accommodation details
  • Any email included
  • Health requirements
  • Passport and visa requirements
  • Arrangements in case of delays or cancellations

Package travel regulations consider these details as the terms of the contract, which is why they must be comprehensible.


A contract should also include insurance information pertaining to the travel. Insurance coverage during travel is crucial because the traveler has protection in case of cancellations, illnesses, accidents, or repatriation. Having the appropriate insurance would make it less complicated to make holiday accident claims in case something happens during a trip. The contract should stipulate correctly if a particular destination requires a specific type of holiday insurance and where to buy it from.

Contact information

Even with the best arrangements, things can go wrong – flights get delayed or delayed by bad weather, hotels get overbooked or closed down, and businesses get bankrupted. When buying package travel package holiday and package tours, a customer should always get the details of the retailer for some of the circumstances above. Having a telephone number for your agent means that you can call to get assistance in case of skewed plans.

Contracts for holiday packages should be in writing, and both parties should evaluate and agree to each term.



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For Adventure junkies, there is no ideal season for trekking. They keep their bags packed & their spirits high in every season. Fortunately in India, every season is perfect for trekking. While in summers you can expect to see a lot of greenery & easy access to high altitudes, in winters you can expect to see snow in much lower altitudes. So when should you trek really? Well it depends on the type of experience that you seek. Since Trekking is comparatively a new hobby in India, most trekkers are first timers. Most of them are looking to see some good amount of snow on their first trek. On top of it, if they get to experience a snowfall, it’s like an icing on the cake. If you are one of these souls & wish to see exotic white meadows, frozen water bodies, snow laden trails, then winter is your season.

There are only a few treks which are done from Dec to March. Here is a list of seven most popular winter treks with difficulty level ranging from easy to challenging.

kuari pass trek uttarakhand

Complete guide to the Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass is considered the best trek to do in winters. It is a mountain pass situated in the Garhwal Himalayas at a height of 3876 m. The trek is also known as Lord Kurzon Trail after the name of person who reached it for the first time. The trail starts from a dense forest near Auli, the famous ski destination. The trek offers some of best views of Nanda Devi range of peaks. Gorson Bugyal is another highlight of this trek.

Altitude: 3876 m

Total Trek Distance: 35 km

Duration: 5-6 days

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Har Ki Doon Trek & Trekking In Uttarakhand

Get Complete Information about Har Ki Dun Valley Trekking

Har Ki Dun begins from a small village Taluka near Sankri and goes up to Har Ki Dun valley. The valley acts as a base camp of Fateh Parvat. It is like a basinnet nestled in between Garhwal Himalayas. The route of this trek passes through dense forests of walnut, chestnut and willow trees and goes along the river rupin. According to the local beliefs, Yudhishthira (one of the Pandavas) climbed the Swargarohini peak to reach heaven and that is why it is also known as Valley of Gods. The place will make you feel like true heaven.

Altitude: 3500 m

Total Trek Distance: 67 km

Duration: 6-7 days

nag tibba trek in uttarakhand

The Mussoorie-Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba is the most lovable trek due to its easy terrain, less duration and its accessibility. It is also known as Serpent’s Peak. It is considered the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan ranges. Below the peak, there is a temple located called Nag Devta temple and it is believed to be the dwelling place of Nag Devta (Snake God). The small town, Panthwari, from where this trek starts, is just 380 km from Delhi and is easily accessible through bus and taxi. Nag Tibba is considered the best trek for first timers.

Altitude: 3022 m

Total Trek Distance: 30 km

Duration: 3-4 days

goecha la trek best season

Goecha La trekking complete overview

Sikkim has always attracted travelers with its occult charm, glamour and unique culture. Goecha La is a high mountain pass situated in the south eastern region of Mt. Kanchenjunga. It is also the base camp for mountaineers attempting to climb Mt. Kanchenjunga. The trek consists of walking through the Khangchendzonga National Park, one of the greenest regions in the world and reaching the Goecha La Pass to get the heavenly views of mighty peaks such as Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Talung, etc. It is a difficult trek that challenges your stamina, but at the same time it also astonishes you with the great views.

Altitude: 4940 m

Total Trek Distance: 95 km

Duration: 10-11 days

Chadar Trek, Himalayan Expedition

Chadar Trek – A Walk on Ladakh’s Frozen Zanskar River

If we are talking about adventure, then how Ladakh could be forgotten. It always comes at the top on the list of adventure seekers. Chadar Trek or Zanskar George is a trek that includes walk over the frozen Zanskar river along the walls of 600 m high vertical cliffs. Trekking on the frozen Zanskar river gives a true divergent experience that recharges your adrenaline up to full. The trek is rated among the best treks in the world.

Altitude: 3400 m

Total Trek Distance: 105 km

Duration: 9-10 days

Trek to Kedar Kantha Peak in Garhwal Himalaya

Complete information on the Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha is one of the rarest treks that remain accessible throughout the year. The trail passes through Govind wildlife sanctuary and a national park in Uttarkashi district and that makes this trek rich in flora and fauna. Its vast green meadows get brimmed with snow that gives the look of a snow desert. Adding to this, the irresistible views of the peaks such as Swargarohini, Kalanag, Baanderpooch and Ranglana make this a wonderful winter trek.

Altitude: 3810 m

Total Trek Distance: 28 km

Duration: 5-6 days

Deoria Tal and Chandrasilla Top Trek

Complete information on Chandrashila-Deoria Tal Trek near Chopta.

Deoriatal get frozen in the months of winter. In the backdrop of this lake one gets magnificent views of complete ranges of western Uttarakhand. Chandrashila means “moon rock”. According to locals, this is the place where Lord Rama meditated after defeating Ravana. The view from the summit is so arresting that trekkers get spellbound by it. You also get to see Tungnath temple, which is the world’s highest Shiva Temple. The difficulty level of this trek varies from easy to moderate.

Altitude: 4000 m

Total Trek Distance: 25 km

Duration: 4-5 days

So this winter don’t just hide in your blanket, head to one of these winter treks and make life long memories of adventure & fun.

Guest Post:What Are the Pros and Cons of Furnished Apartments? Dubai Experts Provide Insights


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Compared to unfurnished apartments, furnished apartments, Dubai investors ought to know, provide a few distinct advantages including better ROI and better tenants.

But before you decide if a furnished apartment is the best investment decision to make, you have to be attuned to your target market, the demand for this type of rental apartment, as well as the location of your property.

fully furnished apartments in dubai for rent

furnished apartments in Dubai

Generally speaking, furnished apartments attract professionals who work on a contractual basis and families going on a vacation. It is important to underscore that location plays a critical role in your long-term success.

Another key thing to consider is the size of your property. If you are planning on attracting workers with contracts, you should have a smaller property. Conversely, families going on vacation prefer multi-storey properties.

What are the distinct advantages of furnished apartments over their unfurnished counterparts?

Higher rent

Furnished properties offer higher yields compared to unfurnished properties. The main reason behind this is that tenants are more than willing to pay more in exchange for convenience. Furthermore, short-term leases are (more often than not) not covered by traditional leases and regulations which apply to longer leases.

Rental contract flexibility

Furnished apartments are often leased for shorter periods. As a landlord, this gives you ample flexibility — a definite advantage if you are keen on using your apartment for vacations or other purposes.

Better tenants

Furnished apartments also tend to attract better tenants. This is highly likely if you own a property in a city centre and acquire professionals as tenants. These tenants are less likely to damage your property.

Less property damage

Because your tenants do not need to furnish the property and bring in big furniture, they are less likely to damage the walls of your property.

But along with the advantages, prospective investors should also know what the disadvantages of furnished apartments are.

Higher costs

Furnishing an apartment means that you will need to invest a sizeable amount of money from the onset. And that investment will not be a one-time thing. Over time, you may need to replace a few pieces inside the apartment.

Turnover rates

Furnished apartments have a higher turnover rate influenced by different market forces including the weather and season, the holidays, currency exchange rates and others. That means that you will have your hands full looking for new tenants.

Fewer potential tenants

furnished apartments in dubai for rent

Not every tenant is on the hunt for furnished properties as many have possessions that they wish to bring with them. Be aware that your target market with a furnished space may be considerably smaller.

Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style


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Not a lot of us will somehow think or at least notice all that comfort around us – before it disappears somewhere. And this seems to be very natural – we «don’t see» what we used to see day after day for years. Or brain simply ignores this information, giving a place for something new to come around. Today we are going to talk about how to choose the right exterior window style for your home.

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

  1. Style as it is

The first thing people should pay attention to – is the style of the house / apartment / building itself. What do you see?

  • A loft?
  • A studio-like small apartment with wooden floors?
  • A penthouse?
  • A classic mid-American family house?

All these should immediately give you a clue of where to look for the right window style. Maybe the proper texture / material / and color is somewhere out there? Well, you have to go out and find then!

  1. A quick word form manufacturer!

Now put yourself into a place of a modern window manufacturer. They work days and nights to bring us millions of varieties – and you are still not satisfied? Sound strange, because visiting at least ONE local home supply shop may take your headache away for many years. Just order their catalog and study it during the nearest weekend!

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Also! Do not forget about the functionality. Leave all these styles and colors to your girlfriend – the window needs to perform its basic functions: open / close / protect from wind / protect from water / protect from sunlight. Check, check, check? Good then. We can move on.

  1. Styles and colors again and again And again

Again we are forced to get back to colors and style – the girlfriend is still around, huh? A lot of architectural pros say that different colors (if they match of course) – always help to highlight the style. And you know what – they are 100% right. If you chose a wrong color because at that moment you thought it’s the right one – you gain a «topic for discussion» for the next 10-15 years at best. You really need this? Chose the color THOROUGHLY!

  1. First things first.

Another important thing in choosing the proper window is the amount of the air it can let inside. If this amount is not sufficient enough – you probably made the wrong turn. This is also about the windows that will never be used. Why pay for the unnecessary moving parts – if there’s a possibility to by everything in one solid piece? By the way, many home owners learned how to get benefits from the both of these types.

  1. Does it look good?

Think one more time whether it is going to look at least not awful together with the whole composition? The front door, the porch, the railing – all of this should HARMONIZE with the thing you have just bought, otherwise you simply ruin the composition and again – the new window will become an everlasting punishment in the face of the bloody-minded neighbors. After all – like we always say: «If you can’t do it yourself – call a specialist! »

About the author: this article was provided by, a Chicago-based company that specializes in window replacement and window repair services. You are welcome to visit their website for more details.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Hotels


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If there is one thing that Dubai is known for, it has to be luxury. The moment you step out of your plane and onto their airport, you can immediately see evidence of that. Real estate is thriving in Dubai and that is why there are many investors who are putting their money in luxury hotels. But as guests in Dubai, or even citizens of Dubai, why should you opt for these expensive types of accommodation? Some may think that it is a waste of good money, but there is a good number of people who think that it is totally worth it. So, which group should you belong to?

The best boutique hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You have been working hard since you finished your bachelor’s degree. It is your goal to have a nice house that you and your family could live in, and a good car. However, let us ask you this: Do you think you deserve a world-class accommodation and service after all you have done? Do you deserve luxury when you and your family go on vacation? Of course, you do. You should not ever deprive yourself of these when you know you have been working hard for it.

the best luxury hotels in Dubai Desert

Top five reasons why you should choose luxury hotels

  1. Value for money. Developers of luxury hotels know that details count. If you are paying a lot of money for your accommodation, then you should be getting your money’s worth. Some details may not seem important but guests will appreciate these. Luxury hotels, for example, would give their guests a personalized welcome amenity that will make the guests feel special. Attention to details is very important.
  1. Great service. Staff at a luxury hotel are trained to give exceptional service to its guests. Not only will they accommodate your requests, but they are also trained to anticipate your needs especially if you are a regular. They keep notes and the next time you visit, these needs are met without you asking for it.
  1. VIP perks. Luxury accommodation definitely has its perks. These perks are not the same for each hotel, but you can be rest assured that there will be some for every valued guest.
  1. Checking in at these types of hotels always go smoothly and without hassle. Other hotels may have issues, but never with luxury accommodation.
  1. Best rooms with the best view. Luxury hotels will always give you the best room with an amazing view of the city. Sleep is also better as the mattresses are of the highest quality.

About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He has first realised his passion for real estate at the age of 18 after attending an auction. Since then, he has continued to be an avid real estate enthusiast and has recently made the final step to earning his real estate license. He visits sites like