One of the things I like best when traveling is having an opportunity to sample the local cuisine. But before heading off, I do some research. I started with TripAdvisor Samui restaurants and I couldn’t believe the variety of foods available. Sure there were unique Thai places. But I found I could also enjoy seafood, Indian food, French food, Isaan food and Burmese food. And when I got tired of all that I could get a good old fashioned hamburger. Plus, I would have the chance to dine at just about any kind of restaurant, from five stars to street food. So while there are lots of things to do in Samui, be sure to add checking out the variety of food to the list.


For breakfast in Koh Samui, I was surprised to learn that on the menu would be items I’d typically eat only at lunch or dinner, like pad Thai, yellow, red and green curries and sticky rice. And coconut was always available. The best coconuts coming out of Thailand are produced in Samui and coconut jam is a staple on the breakfast table.

For a traditional English breakfast, Angelia’s Diner and Bakery is a great place to start the day. While not the cheapest place the ingredients are top quality. Try the banana pancakes with a side of bacon or sausage.

For something a bit different, go to the beach for breakfast. There are loads of beachfront cafes and restaurants where everything is available from light fare of fruit and fresh juice to a full English breakfast of eggs and sausage.


While many resorts and hotels offer buffets with the standard cooked items, like eggs and toast, and cold items like cereal, skip all that and head to the fruit display. Here there will be wonderful Thai fruits, many of which I found new to me. That’s the place to start and then follow up with wonderful waffles, granola, and homemade yogurt.

Some of the best places to have brunch Koh Samui include The Tongsai Bay, the Four Seasons Resort and SALA Samui which is known for the honey from its own beehives. But to get a really fantastic brunch by the beach check out the Beach Republic Sunday session. It’s brunch includes, beyond the standards, oysters, roast beef, roast turkey, sushi, a BBQ station, and much, much more.


Lunch is a good time to branch out the culinary experience. Asking the waiter to bring a selection of Thai dishes, but specified not spicy, is a good way to sample items that normally I wouldn’t try.

At times when I wasn’t very hungry for lunch, the best authentic Thai food in Koh Samui is an island dish called, of all things, No Names. It is a mixture of vegetables that are grated and coated in batter. Then it is deep fried.

For great seafood for lunch, check out the Had Bang Po restaurant. It is found on the northern ring road and sits on a gorgeous spot so close to the beach, it is possible to have water swirling under the table at high tide. And there is The Jungle Club for lunch with a view, in the hills overlooking Chaweng Beach.

And of course, street food Koh Samui that include fresh fruit, pancakes, corn on the cob and fried chicken. There are also things on the menu that go crunch as insects are popular in Thailand, including grasshoppers, cicadas, and crickets.


Seafood is a staple in Samui but ask before ordering. Unfortunately, some fish is imported for Western tourists so need to make sure the fish being ordered was caught that day. With same-day caught fish, a Samui seafood restaurant on the shore makes for a romantic beach dinner Koh Samui


At this point, though, it might be time to head to a restaurant serving something besides Thai food. The Stacked, in Chaweng, offers burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. There are a couple of nice options for French. La Route de Rum, in Taling Ngam, offers house-made smoked salmon and boeuf bourguignon. Picasso in Maenam is a small restaurant that used local ingredients in its French cooking. For something more upscale, the Dining Room in Lamai at Rocky’s Resort has foie gras stuffed quail and an extensive wine list.


Koh Samui bars are the place for a bit of nightlife and there is no shortage of options. Save Water Drink Cocktails is a street bar with great inexpensive drinks. The Like Volk Cocktail gets its name from the VW van that was converted to create this bar and has great drinks and great music.

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