This might be your first time designing your place, or you just decides to redesign for some reasons. Whatever it is, you want to make your home stunningly beautiful and comfortable at the same time. It is the moment for your home in Bonifacio Global City or anywhere in the Metro to look fab:

  1. Start with decluttering and knowing which things are to be kept

It will be a lot easier if you have identified beforehand which are things, furniture, and appliances you will still use, and which are to be given or thrown away. It will also give you enough space to move with.

  1. Establish what image or vibes you want to have or portray

Having a theme or concept will help you decide which things are to be kept or put in specific sections in your place.

  1. But don’t settle for one look or style

Even if you have a working theme or concept, having two or more is not wrong so feel free to decorate the way you want. Maybe you should also consider having a flexible design or look.

  1. Putting artworks will never do you wrong

It makes your place artistic and homey at the same time. Make sure to put it in the right height enough for you and your visitors to see. You don’t want to give the people some stiff neck while looking at those art pieces.

  1. It’s also the time to display treasured photographs

Photos are great decor. It’s also similar to your visitors having a tour of your special moments or memories.

  1. Adding different layers or hues of lighting to make your sleek

Experiment with the lights to amplify the design or overall aesthetics of your place. Not just in your.

  1. You don’t have to pick the paint color immediately

Other home designers say it’s better to pick the paint color last, and not first especially if you already have furniture and other things at home to work with.

  1. Having an open space is just pure fun (and for necessity too)

Isn’t it good to have an open space where you can invite your friends to play some board games and get a few drinks? Aside from that, you can also do the messy things like painting or eating (on the floor, why not). It also makes your place spacious.

  1. A full-body mirror is an excellent decor too

Seeing how you look is important. On top of that purpose, mirrors especially the big ones like full-body, trick your eyes and makes your place larger than the usual (when set correctly).

  1. Consider taking care of house plants

Having houseplants like herbs and fruit-bearing are economical and not just for aesthetics. Be sure to pick the plants that you know and believe that will survive as of course; you don’t want to have dead or dying plants in your house.

  1. Don’t forget to identify areas for socializing, living or personal spaces

Note: Not all are for everybody’s use. Save some for yourself or home bud’s privacy.

  1. Be innovative and decorate your place with a personal touch

We hope that these simple home decor tips are helpful for your designing adventure. Don’t forget to enjoy the stress and mess while working towards a magnificent place!