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Dubai is one destination that holds a new surprise almost every time you visit it. A city of biggest world records, Dubai is a world of glitz and glamour with a unique Middle Eastern touch that makes it distinct. Dubai fascinates every single of its tourists with its undying energy, warmth and optimism. Every trip to Dubai is one of a kind experience.

Every trip to Dubai no matter how long or short must have a bucket list of a few best things to do and they must include the following 10 activities.

  1. Shop, Shop, and Shop

best shopping in dubai

No trip to Dubai is complete without shopping. One of the world’s biggest shopping destinations, Dubai is every shopper’s dream. If you have the will to hold back your wallet, we still guarantee, that you will splurge on shopping more than you generally do. The city has so much to offer, at such amazing prices that it’s almost impossible to hold yourself back. From the best of the world brands to the local handmade carpets, everyday shopping bonanza to the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival; shopping in Dubai is certainly one of the best things to do.

  1. Experience Snow in the desert city

ski in dubai

Go Ski Dubai. This world’s first and largest indoor ski resort beckons you for its 22500 square meters area consisting of 5 slopes of different steepness, the world’s first indoor black diamond run spanning an area of 400 meters, and various other features such as rails, boxes, kickers.  There is a snow park play area too with toboggan runs, climbing towers, icy body slides, and also an ice cave. Situated inside one of the world’s largest shopping malls- Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai boasts of real penguins and allows exclusive interaction with them as well.

  1. The Grandeur of Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa images

No matter how short is your trip to Dubai, one if its main attraction that should definitely not be missed is the tallest manmade structure of the world- the mighty Burj Khalifa. This 160 storey building houses various hotels, restaurants, offices, and residential houses and boasts of an observatory deck on its 144th floor. It allows the visitors to spend 30 minutes admiring the world around and below them from literally the top of the world. The building is a modern engineering marvel and its observation deck is an experience in itself.

  1. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

How often do you get to see the world’s largest suspended acrylic aquarium with a 10 million liter water tank? If it sounds unbelievable, visit the Dubai Mall and see for yourself on its ground floor. The aquarium is home to over 33000 marine animals including rays, huge sharks and snakes. Continue your exploration of the marine life magic with the underwater zoo that contains over 458 marine species visible at an 180 degree view. Go through the three mesmerizing ecological zones- Living Ocean, rocky shores, and rainforest and enjoy marine life like nowhere else.

  1. The Dubai Desert Safari

dubai desert safari hummer

It is said that no trip to Dubai is complete without experiencing the Dubai Desert Safari, and rightly so, there’s hardly any other experience that clubs the best of adventure, leisure, luxury and enjoyment in one activity. Enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, overnight camping with sumptuous array of international cuisine, dance, music, entertainment and a night under the starlit sky; all of this only at the Dubai Desert Safari.

  1. Explore the Souks of Dubai

best souk in dubai

The souks of Dubai are the best places to get a feel of the local culture and people. Some of the world’s best known souks like the Gold souk, the Spice and the perfume souks are in Dubai. The crammed streets with retail shops showcasing the best of their products at throw away prices, the electrifying energy that the bustling streets infects you with, the vibrancy of the place that grips you and the unbelievable bargains are best experienced than explained.

  1. The feel of Old Dubai at the Bastakia Quarter

bastakiya quarters dubai

One of the most evocative areas of Dubai’s humble past, the Bastakia quarter lane instantly transports you to the Bedouin era when Dubai thrived on the basic necessities. Like a precious flower surrounded by modern skyscrapers, the historical Bastakiya district is one of the most picturesque Dubai heritage sites featuring the traditional Wind towers, and narrow pedestrianized areas.

  1. The Global Village

global village dubai

A premier leisure, shopping and entertainment destination, Global Village hosts about 6 million visitors every year during its tenure from November till April. Located at Dubailand- presumably the world’s largest entertainment destination project, Global Village is a carnival like theme park with colossal sections of over 70 different countries showing off their nation’s best. In addition, it has dance, stage and various cultural shows and a host of entertainment options for tourists across all age groups.

  1. Big Bus Tour

big bus dubai reviews

One of the ideal ways to see the best of Dubai tour is through the famous Big Bus Tour. With a choice of 12 recorded language translations, this open roof hop on/ hop off bus tour is the best way see Dubai’s best attractions along with an in- depth understanding of Dubai’s journey from a simple Bedouin village to a world tourist hub. Take their night tour to experience illuminated Dubai with live commentary.

  1. Dubai Museum

dubai museum

There’s no better place to understand the rich history and sensational transformation of Dubai than the Dubai Museum located at the historic Al Fahidi fort. From the 10 minute video that kicks off as soon as you enter the museum you pass though village exhibits and the mock souq that depicts the trading of that time with craftsmen at work. Dubai Museum ends with the archeology section that displays the best findings from the excavations since the time of the city’s early settlement dating back to 4000 years.

Everything that you are able to see, feel and enjoy in Dubai is the result of its gutsy ambition, determination to make itself the best tourist destination, and the intellectual channelization of monetary resources. While the city is a cosmopolitan beehive during the day, after dark it becomes an illuminated party destination for one and all. Visit Dubai to enjoy a time of your life.