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There is no better way to welcome the sun than to start an awesome DIY project to make your walls look great. Walls are integral part of a home. We often adorn them with pictures, paintings and huge bulky cabinets. However, all the framing and building the cabinets, the expenses go through the roof, making us think, was the expense worth it? I have always wondered if there are ways to have great, expressive walls with almost half the price. Finally, I have found the answer to these questions. DIY!!! With DIY or Do-It-Yourselfers, not only expenditure goes all the way down, but we also get impressive and expressive walls just the way we want.

Here are TOP 7 Awesome DIY For Happy Summer Walls:

1: Happy Beach Look

We all love beaches. The vast ocean, the waves and the sand: a perfect memory of summer. With this DIY you can make summer permanent in your home. All you need: Dry Branches, your favorite collection of sea shells, strings and power tools.

musical instrument home decor

2: Minimal Scarf Look

Summer is all about minimalism. Why not let that show on your home walls? Just get an awesome scarf with a beautiful pattern and let it adorn your wall. Make sure to iron it first. You can even frame or add fairy lights to it.

bedroom decor online india

3: Family Tree

One of the most beautiful DIY, Family Tree will not only give a unique dimension to your walls, but will also provide a place to reminisce about the memories of the past.

family tree wall decor ideas

4: Heart Shaped Memory Corner

Don’t we all love happy memories? This DIY project can be an answer to keeping the memories close in heart with a literal heart shape on the wall. This is perfect for the bedrooms for teens.

heart shaped wall decor

5: An Old Window Picture Frame

Turn an old window into a picture frame with minimum effort. Give your walls an existential appearance with it. It can also be used as a floating wall shelves by filling in the window spaces.

home decor ideas online

6: String Art

All you need is nails, a cardboard and a whole lot of string. Create the design with nails and just string it. Happy Stringing!!!

string art design patterns

7: Toilet Roll Wall Art

Do you throw all your toilet rolls out like me? Well, I used to do that until I transformed them into a wall art that even my friends are envious of.

toilet paper wall art patterns

Are you inspired yet? Well, go on and make your home walls more expressive and impressive!!!

Author Bio: Deepshika is the content marketer at Decornation.in. A writer by day and reader by night, she loves to read about innovative trends and DIYs and implements them in her home. You can catch her on Twitter @DecorNationIn. Read her @ www.decornation.in/blog