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When you hear ‘prefabricated homes,’ you often think of a box-style house with an uninspired architectural structure and ho-hum floor plan. Truthfully, when people talk about prebuilt homes, first-time homeowners and first-time buyers as well often think of a standard, basic, and boring home.

But, that’s all in the past. The ‘fab’ in today’s modern prefab homes might as well translate to ‘fabulous’ because of their out-of-the-box designs and functionality.

These modern prefabricated homes offer first-time home buyers the chance to customize their own space. With energy efficiency in mind, giving these prebuilt homes a stylish upgrade is just as easy as it is convenient.

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Just like the ‘sticks and bricks’ constructed houses, prefabricated homes meet the same building codes, which make it easy for homeowners to extend and upgrade as they wish.

Like conventional-built houses, they also qualify for most home loans to help you with the cost. In fact, many prefab home manufacturers offer financing assistance to home buyers who wish to upgrade.

Here are some style upgrades that you can try:

Add character using dormers. These are great additions to your home because they are inexpensive. Further, they chance the silhouette of your prefabricated home, giving you that more charming appeal. It’s also an excellent way to change the natural light that seeps inside your home.

Investing in the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. Just because it’s a prefabricated home doesn’t mean you can’t build the kitchen or bathroom that you’ve always wanted. If you do plan to remodel, you should inform your contractor that you have a prefabricated home so that the team can account for the slight variations in the beam structure.

Build an elegant, homey front porch. If you’re a prebuilt homeowner, you can have your own porch too! A porch can give your home a more inviting aura, and that extra living space will add to the charm of your modern home.

Install a unique front door. Front doors are often the first thing that tells neighbors the type of personality you have. It is also the most inexpensive addition you can add. You want a splash of color? Install a red front door or bright yellow one. It’s really up to you.

Give your windows an upgrade too. Some homeowners believe that doors and windows should complement each other. While some prefabricated home manufacturers give buyers a list of window options, you can always give your basic windows a style upgrade with a few tricks. You can do your own DIY window boxes with florals that you can change with each season. You can even install some DIY window cornices to give rooms its own personality.

Hire an interior designer. Deciding on new furniture and indoor color scheme are pretty common alternations you can make in any home—be it conventional or prebuilt homes. These style upgrades won’t change the floor plan and wall positions in your home. While you can also search on Pinterest for DIY design inspirations, hiring an interior designer can help you come up with a plan that can maximize the space and structure you have.

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Ready for a style upgrade?

Don’t feel limited with your options if you are upgrading prefabricated homes. With the right vendor, you can transform your modular home to reflect your personality and style. What’s great is that you can even do these with simple DIY.