No matter if you are a renter or a home owner, you’ll always want to feel secure in your home. Not only this, but you’ll also want all of your personal belongings to be as safe as possible. There are many different scenarios in which you may get hurt or some of your stuff may get stolen, damaged or completely destroyed. It is wise to be prepared and do everything you can to try to prevent things like this from happening. Even though it is hard to predict everything that can happen, there are several situations you should always be prepared for. That is why you should do all of the following things.

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Securing your home from burglars

Burglary was always one of the most common crimes. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, somewhere in U.S. a burglary is committed every 15 seconds. Even though it may seem that burglaries are random in occurrence that is not the case. Criminals choose only the homes with the easiest access. That is why you’ll want to secure your home and keep burglars away from it. First of all, you’ll want to put shades or drapes in order to prevent burglars from inspecting your home. Installing alarm system apps and motion sensors is also something that will keep the burglars away. Even if they do try to break in, the alarm will make them abort their mission. It is also important to use common sense in the fight against burglars. Never leave your door unlocked or windows open when you are not at home.

Protect it from water damage

Just think about for how many hours your home stays empty every day. Plumbing can start leaking and your home can be flooding in no time. This means that all of your personal belongings will get soaked and possibly ruined. Not to mention how much money it takes to fix everything and replace all of the ruined items. In order to prevent this from happening, you’ll want to check all of the hoses and faucets on a regular basis. Another thing you can do is to install floor pans under all of your appliances. This won’t save you from catastrophic leaks but will do the job against small ones. You can also consider installing water alarms which will make a signal in the case of leak. You should install the sensors in bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and basement.

Protect your home from fire

Annually, 3000 people die and another 15000 gets injured in residential fires. The real tragedy is that most of these could have been avoided simply by taking several precautions. The most important thing to do is install a fire alarm. Today, fire alarm is an obligatory part of every household. Installing fire extinguishers is also a good idea, but these may not always prove to be enough to put out a fire. That is why fire fighting trailers may be a better option. Having one of these will help you put out the fire before it starts spreading even more. Also, you should ensure that your water cartage tank is always full. Common sense again plays an important role in keeping your home safe. Always remember to turn off oven and other similar appliances when you are going somewhere. Checking if you did, every time you get out is also a great idea.

Staying careful and always paying attention to any potential hazards are keys to having a safe home. Just remember to stay put and always try to come up with new ways to increase safety in your home.

Daniel is Sydney-based household owner and carrying father of two boys. Recently, he has found like-minded people in Rapid Spray. Together they are raising awareness of increasing need for better home security.