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Know what’s expected of you and your landlord in order to get the best out of you being a tenant. In the world of renting the relationship between the tenant and the landlord is considered to be the trickiest one. But the reality here is that landlords generally want things that would be the best for their investment property, and which would again mean that they want you, their beloved tenant and know that there a few things important before you spend the rest of your life under their roof.flats sale deals in sarjapur road bangalore

Everyone would win when you read your lease: This sounds so simple and basic, but would never believe how many people have actually read the lease. When you first have a glance it’s the never ending list of paragraphs which is again jumbled, especially if your home or apartment is managed by a property manager or some large company. And within all these pages the tenants would only learn what you are expecting from them but would also know what he has been expecting from them. Knowing your rights, rules and regulation would help you avoid the issues before they actually turn out to be a problem for you.

Landlords would never want you to be charged with the late fees or returned check fees: Think that the landlords would love to receive all those late fees from you along with the other charges. No they don’t. All they want is that you are not late each month and bounce checks so that they could charge you with some extra fees. So no matter how much they would be receiving because of the inability of managing your finances, it’s never worth the hassle of chasing you down with the overdue rents and the bounced rates. The bottom line here is that they would charge you if you do not pay the due rent and fees making them evict you at some point of time.

Pet Stains would cost you much more than what you generally think: We do love our cats or dogs and thankfully we do have apartments who love them to. And the big shock comes when the tenant moves out and is hit with one big repair bill. And the only reason behind this would be the big stains on the carpet and wall to wall which would actually seem to be pretty small to you. Pet urine is something that generally seeps deep into carpeting and padding below. Your landlord would never be able to rent his apartment or house again unless and until he would get them repaired and unfortunately most of the time these things would have to be replaced. So whether you have a carpet or hardwood you deposit would turn out to be a sweet memory if your little Fido has too many accidents done.

Your deposit is not the last month’s rent: Many tenants generally assume that their deposit could be used as the last month’s rent. It’s a security damage deposit something that is completely separate. So refusing to pay your last month’s rent by offering your deposit could actually cost you far more than that of the rent payment. You could be slapped with a notice of eviction and the late rent charges. This would potentially again dig your credit, destroying the ability to use the reference of your new apartment and open you up with a legal action.

These were just a few and there are a lot more things to go. So what would you like to add to the list above, do leave your comments below.

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