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Here are a few innovative yet inexpensive small house interior design ideas that you can try for your pad.

1. Mirror Effect

mirror effect

Photo Courtesy: aliexpress.com

An old trick used by showrooms and stores to make the space look larger, you too can employ it to make your home appear bigger. This is best used in your bedroom as you can install a full length mirror which won’t look too inappropriate. However, mirrors and beds are a combination that Vaastu tenets don’t recommend hence you should avoid positioning the mirror in a way that it faces your bed. You could also install a pair of drapes by its side to pull over. You can pick a piece with an ornate wooden frame or one with silver accents as these are highly popular.

2. Less is more

Do not try stuffing too many things in your home. The more space you block with furniture and decorative items, the more congested your home will look. The flow natural light and fresh air shall be obstructed and you may bump into furniture every now and then. Therefore, use fewer items which can be put to multiple uses in order to keep the look minimal and attractive.

3. Light Colours Work Best

light colors for living room

Photo Courtesy: cablevision.ie

Every interior designer would vouch for the use of light colours in confined spaces. Light reflects off the wall and makes the place seem brighter and bigger. Colours like white, lime yellow and sky blue reflect light well. You can also add a white coloured sofa, wicker table and ottoman to your living room for lending a brighter appearance.

4. Curtain Partitions

curtain partitions for rooms

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Erecting a wall to partition your home will make the rooms look smaller and confined. Instead, you can hang drapes in light materials like polyester with subtle prints on them to create an effect of partition. Install a curtain rod with minimal embellishments on it and hang a curtain in purple, brown or grey with floral prints on it or trellis on it. A printed curtain would look stunning against the monochrome backgrounds and work like a textured wall.

  1. Wall Shelves
wall shelves

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Make the most of caveats in your walls to store book cases, shelves and cabinets so that they do not take up additional carpet area in any room. You can push them into the space so that they appear as if they are a part of the wall itself. Choose designs that complement the colours of your walls or ones that perfectly blend in. You can opt for cabinets and cases that have lots of shelves and hooks to contain the maximum numbers of knickknacks.