“Sabka Malik Ek”, this famous quote reminds us of Sai Baba who is worshipped by the people at the Shirdi Temple. It is a small town located in RahataTehasil in district of Ahmednagar of Maharashtra. India has a number of rich temple organisations; one of the richest among them is Shirdi. Half a million people visit this temple in holidays every year.

There are many means to reach this place like bus, train and road. Shirdi now has ‘Sainagar Shirdi’, a new railway station for easy travelling. Airport is also being constructed at Kakdi. The best sight destination in Shirdi to visit is the Samadhi Mandir as the main attraction of the people is the last remains of Sai Baba. Initially, the temple was constructed to place an idol of Lord Krishna but as Sai Baba spent his whole life here and this place holds an immense reverence for his devotees from all around the world. There are open grounds in the temple where people can sit to meditate or pray to Baba and just to catch a glimpse of Sai Baba’s mortal remains, people stand for hours in long queues.

Another tourist place in Shirdi is the Dwarkanayee Masjid where Sai Baba had spent his maximum amount of time. Baba used to sit on a huge stone in this Masjid to light lamps every evening and this big stone is still preserved in the Masjid. In this Masjid there is a sacred fire called ’Dhuni’ which is still lit here even today and the ‘Udi’ is given to the people from the fire and this is considered extremely divine. A life-size portrait of Baba can be found at the Masjid which is a treat for all the devotees to see.

Popular Monument Near Shirdi Sai Baba

After a very long time, My freinds visited Shirdi Last month and shared with me all things about Shirdi like Shirdi temple, envionment of Shirdi, Places to visit in Shirdi and many more. Overall It seems wonderful experience or so.

They also shared that this was my first time we visited Shirdi and we were very much afraid before going. When we started my journey by the loveliness of Baba, while we are going towards temple, we met a lady, she is from China & she also came to darshan of Shirdi Baba. In the meanwhile, we said, hello then she replied hi everyone with cute smile as you can see by pic with my one of friend.

Monument Near Shirdi Temple

However, there was nobody with her means she had come alone to darshan of Shirdi Baba. When one of my friend asked to her that is there nobody with you? Then she replied, No… also she explained with emotionally that I came here without permission of my parents as I’m very fond of travelling. Suddenly, all of guys smiled & told that you are brave girl and you’re not alone, we are all with you so you need not to fear about. Thus, all guys enjoyed a lot to visit Shirdi temple.

Place to Visit Around Shirdi Sai Baba


They met a American lady while there were going towards Sirdi temple and share cultures about Shirdi and own county to each other. One of my friend questioned to American lady that Is it right that American peoples hate to come in India or hate Indian people as well as culture of India. After that she smiled and told “No, It’s absolutely wrong news whoever spread such a negative information between relationship in two great economy country. Our American people loves to come India and love to know about culture and environment there. Also, I came here to visit Shirdi Sai Baba as I had heard many times about that so It is being great for me and I did not get any problems so far to visit here, all guys seem nice & great here.

They also shared about hotels in Shirdi where they stayed at night that I suggest to every one whenever you go Shirdi kindly stay in Hotels Sai Karupa that which is cheap hotels with all facilities. I’ll advice my friends & family to stay in this hotel whenever you visit to Shirdi.

There is one interesting things my friends shared with me that we have found the village people at Shirdi. When we met with village people at Shirdi, we were very happy and snapped all of friend with village people as given here.

Tourist Places to Visit at Shirdi Temple

I have had a very few trips in my life. It interests me to do so. I would want to contribute this blog as a remembrance of all my trips put together. I let’s here that Shirdi is a well-known as a pilgrimages & devote place and it is well connected around India. However, I suggest you how to reach Shirdi from around India or world. If anyone wants to come Sirdi temple by flights then they will have to book tickets to Mumbai from your nearest airport destination that which are not too far from Mumbai. I also will tell here that after reached Mumbai, you’ll have to hire cabs or buses, there is many private buses are available to Shirdi which goes to direct Shirdi temple from Mumbai or Mumbai airport. So, you can also book Mumbai to Shirdi bus tickets as well as flight tickets or so. Thus, If you are thinking of going for a vacation at this destination then you can buy cheap domestic and International airlines flight tickets at great east. The tickets are easily available so that your vacation can be planned without much bother.