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Both Bangalore and Mangalore are two cities in the same south Indian state of Karnataka. While Bangalore is the capital metropolitan city of Karnataka, Mangalore is the main port city in the state of Karnataka. The distance between Mangalore and Bangalore is around 300 km by road and would take you about six hours time to reach, if you choose to travel by a hired car or a bus. There are different kinds of buses available from Bangalore to Mangalore and you can not only save a lot of money but would also be able to journey comfortably if you choose to travel by Bangalore to Mangalore bus.


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There are quite a few places to visit in Mangalore as well as Bangalore. And apart from the places to visit, the rich culture of Karnataka that you can experience in both these cities would impress you and fascinate you as well. What you can do is take a flight to Bangalore and then travel to Mangalore by bus instead of doing it the other way round. The reason is since Bangalore is an important metropolitan city as well as the state capital of Karnataka and hence is well connected via flights to all parts of India as well as to major cities of the world. Just make sure you book in advance to get cheap domestic flight tickets to Bangalore from any part of India.

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While booking your flight tickets, you should also opt for online hotels booking, especially for Bangalore. The reason is that Bangalore remains busy all through the year and hence you would not be able to get a proper accommodation if you do not book your hotel in advance. Like flight tickets and hotels, you can also book bus tickets online for your travel from Bangalore to Mangalore.