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South India is much apart in terms of tradition and culture from the rest of India. Each of the states in the southern parts of India has retained their distinctive identity in their own proper manner. If you wish to travel through the entire south India, here are some of the best destinations to visit around south India mentioned below just for you to take a look:

There are several architectural elegance and splendor along with intricate temple work, ruins from history and other scenic beauties like hills, beaches and canals abundant in the south Indian states. When you are there for a trip, do not ever miss the following places as they all fall under the best destinations to visit around south India.

Places to Visit Kerala

Places to Visit Kerala

Hampi: it is one of the most popular historical destinations of India. It is a laid back village in Karnataka and was once the capital of Vijaynagar. There are some captivating ruins along with great landscape scenarios in the area. The ruins in fact date back to as early as the 14th Century and comprises of around 500 historical monuments that stretches around 25 km.

Fort Kochi: It is also known as the gateway to Kerala and is actually an enchanting city. There are several sites that are of historical and architectural importance and elegance and is overall an excellent place to explore. It is best explored on foot.


Kochi Kerala Tourist Place

Both Karnataka and Kerala are well connected with the rest of the country and each other by air, road and rail. You can always choose to book bus tickets or flight tickets online in case you wish to visit these places in the coming summers. Nowadays, booking flight tickets online is much easier and completely hassles free. And the same can also be said if you wish to book bus tickets online too.