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Today everyone can book flights online by using websites which are available on the internet. These online flight bookings can be used for buying domestic and international tickets. Online Flight bookings can be done primarily by using any one of the two methods the first one is by booking through an agent’s office and the second one by using a website. The second method is much preferable over the first one and also quite cheap and secure. The use of these websites has been increased drastically over the recent years. Online booking has turned into a big market today, having a share more than 40% of the total market. Flights booking online is a very easy way to save time as well as money.

The option of viewing flight status is the current development of the official websites and also the flight booking websites to show the customers the current status of the flight, which is quite useful to check whether the flights are running on time or not also it provides the real time situation of the flights to all customers. This increases the satisfaction level of the customers and serves as a plus point for all companies. Many customers make the use of ‘view flight status when the weather conditions are not favorable  one has to check whether the flights are running on time or not.

Virgin Atlantic airlines which are also known as Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited is a company which is originally a British company and owned by the Virgin group. It was established in the year 1984 and has been a tremendous success henceforth. The company uses either Boeing or Airbus for travelling the passengers from one destination to another. It mainly operates over Asia, North America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Middle East, the Caribbean and many other destinations. In a survey which was taken in the year 2012 found out that the company had successfully serviced 5.4 million people after its establishment. It also has its own cargo service flight. Its head office is situated in England near Gatwik Airport. .

Virgin Atlantic airlines have a code share agreement with more than 20 airline companies and shares the same destinations as they have. There are many cabin classes which have several services and rates which differ according to the class, the classes include Economy class, Premium Economy, Upper Class. There are lots of entertainment features of this company some of which are personal seat back television, the updated flights have a special feature of VERA, which offers movies, music, games on a touch screen for every passenger. There is a program which is introduced by the company for people who travel frequently in their plane, in this program every customer is divided into 3 types of customers RED, SILVER and GOLD where every subsequent level corresponds to new offer and schemes at a less rate. So, Get.Set.Go!

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