Oman is a country occupying the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula at the confluence of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. Renowned in ancient times for its frankincense and metalworking, the country has a strategically important location, for which it has long been a prize for empire builders. In the 16th century the country’s capital city – Muscat was seized by Portugal, which held the city until 1650. Almost 50% of Oman’s population is Arab. The country has many Indian migrants. However, large numbers of ethnic Baloch—who migrated to Oman from Iran and Pakistan over the past several centuries—live near the coast in Al-Bāṭinah. The Omani culture holds its roots firmly in the Islamic religion. The country developed its own particular form of Islam, known as Ibadhism named after its founder, Abdullah ibn Ibadh. Not all Omanis are Ibadhis, however: there are also Shia Muslims Sunni Muslims.

Oman has several ports, most famous Port Qābūs in Maṭraḥ, Ṣalālah (formerly known as Port Raysūt), and Al-Faḥl, both of which were built after 1970 in the late 1990s work began to upgrade and expansion of the industrial port at Ṣuḥār began. Ṣalālah underwent major renovations and in 1998 opened as one of the world’s largest container terminals; the port is considered by international shipping giants to be the preferred off-loading site in the Persian Gulf. Good inter-coastal trade is carried on by traditional wooden dhows. Oman also has excellent air connectivity. The country’s two principal airports are located at Al-Sīb, about 19 miles (30 km) from Muscat, and at Ṣalālah. A lot many airlines provide cheap Oman air flight tickets.

Oman Air, the flagship company of the Sultanate of Oman’s Civil Aviation sector, commenced its operations in the year 1993. Commencing its operations as a regional player, Oman Air, as national carrier has witnessed rapid growth since the time it was established. Oman Air has played a vital role in making Muscat a major traffic hub in the Middle East providing a fillip to commercial, industrial and tourism activities. The airline competes with major international players and provides cheap airline tickets.

As a full-operations commercial airline of Oman, the airline has striven to maintain high performance standards in all aspects of its operation. Ultra- modern in-flight service equipment is deployed on-board to improve safety and overall performance. Investment in new technology, planning and product innovation has propelled Oman Air to the forefront of the aviation industry. The Oman Air fleet consists of most modern and fuel- efficient aircraft with aesthetically designed interiors. The company strives hard to enhance its products in terms of convenience, efficiency and service so that flying with the airline is consistently an enjoyable experience. The airline has been constantly achieving and maintaining internationally recognized standards of quality. The Extras, If you want to explore gulf country like Kuwait, United State Emirates, Arabia and more then lets you how to enjoy on beaches,  waters and yourselves in his little member of paradise. So, Air Arabia Airlines makes you easy to visit there in very convenient way.

Oman Air currently operates direct international flights to major destinations in the Gulf such as Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Jeddah, Dammam, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai, Riyadh, and Kuwait from Muscat. Top ten destinations in India – Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Kozhikode and Jaipur are also served by this airline.