Surrounded and nurtured by the hills and the beaches, the forests and the wildlife, the towns and the temples, lies Andhra Pradesh, along the Malabar coast of India. And what thrives within all this is a culture, so unique and so beautiful, that it has takers across the world, in the most magnificent way there is. Andhra is also home to the megacity of Hyderabad – home of the Charminar and Birla Mandir, as well as the khagina and the much revered (and not without reason, we must say!), Hyderabadi biryani.

Start with of course the famed tea, along the Charminar. Dedicate an early morning to this. As the day progresses, you will notice the city coming to life, Laad Bazaar coming to life. This thriving marketplace is known for its jewellery, especially ornate bangles, with as many as 14000 shops.

While in Hyderabad, do make it a point to visit Hussain Sagar Lake – in the evening – with the magnificent statue of Buddha in the middle of the water body. When the lights of the metropolis start shining, it will be a view of what Nirvana might look like.

90km from Warangal City is the Lakhnavaram Lake. Two manmade islands within this lake serve as a very popular tourist destination. With the long history of the area that has been associated with this city, a trip round the Lakhnavaram will be like taking a step back into time in a frame that is completely contemporary.

The Nagarjuna Sagar is any history lovers wonderland for the excavation site, inspired by the Roman era as well as the Museum built on an island with Buddhist relics. The spot is touristy as it is historical. The hotels that line up along the area provide a placid view of the dam. Oh, the view – so marvellous and vast is it that you’re left in absolute, irrevocable awe of it.

Whilst in the Eastern Ghats, a visit to a nearby hill station is absolutely imperative. Here come, the Araku Hills. This is one place that is so beautiful and pristine, as if born out of a book, complete with forests, brooks, streams and hills.

It wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that the Tirupati Temple remains the single biggest attraction of the State. The temple is not only the richest in the world but is also one that sees that maximum number of devotees in the world! It is resplendent with not just wealth but the noisy clatter and its spiritual aura make it a must-visit on your itinerary.

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